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10KW Carbon fiber, electric jetfboard, Power Surfboard,Jet Surfboard,high speed jet board,electric surfboard

From R130795.65
  • Color:

13 in stock

  • Description

    Extra Battery link: Battery

    E-Foil,12KW and other GASOLINE SURFBOARD:all surfboard

    Please extend shipping time + 15 days after you made orders , thanks !

    Production Time:

    Black: 7 days, ELKCIP: 7 days

    Other multi colors: 15 days

    Shipping methods choices:

    1.Seller’s shipping method: About 40-60 days to your door.

    2.DHL: 3-7 days for the board, and 2-3 weeks for the battery.(directly to your door)

    What is an Electric surfboard?

    It is a motorized board propelled by a jet designed to enjoy riding above water. 

    Powered by electricity, it can reach speeds up to 45KM/H (28MPH) and around 40 minutes of riding time.

    Fun, compacted and lightweight. Everyone can enjoy.

    The riding pleasure and ease of use, that is designed to let you enjoy your time on the water.

    It is extremely suitable for every adventure ranging from a small crack around the lake to a whole day family entertainment.

    This is most stable and comfortable electric surfboards. It’s perfect for taking to the beach or the lake and can be used both when standing and lying down. The high level of stability this board provides makes it perfect for beginners and younger riders.

    The features of the electric surfboard are:

    • Replaceable battery

    • Surfing anytime

    • Ride time 45-60 minutes (Depend on weight and speed )

    • Flexibility

    • High speed up to 45 km/h/28 mph

    • Carbon fiber chassis

    • Accelerate

    • Longest ride time

    • Regular Length hull (185cm)

    • Security lock system

    Originally with one battery. You can buy extra batteries for your surfboard and increase the ride time.

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