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12000W 10KW 6KW Inverter Pure Sine Wave 12V/24V/36V/48V/60V/72V/96V DC to AC Solar Converter Car Solar Inverter RV Vehicle Inver

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    About inverter

    • Q1: what can I in scenarios using the inverter?

    A1: you can be in: car power system (at the top of your rv access panels), family off-grid system, the inverter input connected to the battery output terminal connected to the load (washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.) even the wind generator system. In general: the inverter with battery only the inverter link only battery and load, no matter in what system you use, as long as the battery in accordance with input voltage of the inverter can use 】

    • Q2: How to choose the inverter voltage?

    A2: Choose according to your battery voltage, if your battery is made by yourself DIY.

    For example; If you use a 4pc 3.2V voltage battery in series to form a larger battery, then you should choose a 12V inverter. [Note that there is a range of 12V inverter operating voltage, which is perfectly in line with the 12V voltage battery, you can completely rest assured to use]

    • Q3: How do I choose the power of the inverter

    A3: Generally speaking, the more power the inverter has, the better. It can be downward-compatible with devices of lower power. If your budget is limited, then I will show you how to choose the best value for money inverter: If your load total power requirement is 2000W, then you will need to buy an inverter that is 2000/0.8=2500W. Because there will be loss in inverter conversion (when the inverter converts 12V voltage into 110V or 220V voltage, there will be pressure difference, which will cause loss), this is an unavoidable problem. If your load has a total power of 4000W, then you will need at least 5000W inverter.

    • Q4: Is the inverter safe? Does it have any protection?

    A4: Of course! Our products have built-in CPU processor and intelligent management system. Our inverters have: overvoltage protection (when the voltage exceeds the working range of the inverter, it will automatically stop).

    Overcurrent protection (when the current exceeds the working range of the inverter, it will automatically stop)

    How to connect the inverter and battery

    • Similar to this kind of plug is inserted in the cigarette lighter, the middle is a positive pole, the outside is a negative pole, can also be replaced with a clamp line, directly clip on the battery!

    • The red line is positive and the black line is negative! How to connect the inverter battery? Connecting batteries in series and parallel may sound simple, but you can avoid unnecessary problems by following a few simple rules.

    • In a battery pack, multiple batteries are connected in series to obtain the required operating voltage. If what is needed is more capacity and more current, the batteries should be connected in parallel.

    • There are also batteries that combine the two methods, series and parallel. A laptop battery might be four 3.6V lithium-ion batteries connected in series for a total voltage of 14.4V; Then, by connecting the two cells in series together in parallel, the total charge of the battery pack can be increased from 2,000 mah to 4,000 mah.

    • This connection is called a “four-string two-parallel”, and it means that two batteries are connected in parallel by four cells connected in series. A single battery is used in watches, backup storage and cellular phones.

    • A nickel-based battery has a nominal voltage of 1.2V, an alkaline battery of 1.5V, a silver oxide battery of 1.6V, a lead-acid battery of 2V, a Li-ion battery of 3, and a Li-ion battery of 3.6V. Using lithium-ion polymers and other types of lithium batteries, it is generally rated at 3.7V. To achieve an unusual voltage such as 11.1V, three of these batteries must be connected in series. With the development of modern microelectronics, we can already use a 3.6V lithium-ion battery to power cellular phones and low-power portable communications products.

    • Mercury batteries, which were widely used in illuminometers in the 1960s, have been completely withdrawn from the market due to environmental concerns. Nickel-based cells have nominal voltages of 1.2V or 1.25V. There is no difference between them, other than market preference.

    • Most commercial batteries have a voltage of 1.2V per cell; For industrial, aviation and military batteries, the voltage of each battery is still 1.25V.

    About  Socket strip:

    • We use the generic socket: apply in the world any one country: we will use the correct voltage, correct socket, at the same time, we will also consider the frequency and so on other factors, anyway you can be at ease completely

    • 1. Q: How long is your delivery time for solar power staion ?

    A:we also in 1 to 2 days to send goods from China, Or other air freight, the freight is updated in real time, we charge a default standard freight, if the postage is beyond, you need to pay the additional part, if beyond shall be the postage, we will give you additional coupons, or give you other goods, if you do not accept our plan, we will refund for you.

    • 2. Q: How long is the warranty?

    A: Our warranties are 2-5 years. .

    • 3. Q: What kind of certification do you have for your inverter ?

    A:Ouver inverter have obtained CE, FCC, UL and PSE certificates, which can meet the import requirements of most countries.

    • 4. Q: Can you supply solar panels? Can you recommend it?

    A: Yes, we have solar panels and we can recommend suitable solar panels to you.

    • 5. Q: Can I customize a solar power plant product?

    A. Yes. Let me know the specific customization requirements and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

    • 6. Q: How to provide after-sales service?

    A: We have overseas branches that can provide repairs and replacements.

    • 7. Q: Do you offer OEM & ODM services?

    A: Yes, but there is a minimum order quantity.

    • 8. Q: Can I get a sample inverter plant?

    A: Yes, please leave your contact information and our sales manager will contact you


                         Home solar system

    About safety

    • Our company product of some certificate

    • Our company’s products have conforms to the selling area by the local certification each

    product in accordance with local safety certification, you can rest assured of our


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