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120ml Automobile Catalysts Clean Engine Accelerator Oxygen Sensor Throttle Remove Carbon Boost Up Catalytic Converter Cleane

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    Bullet Points:
    1、Lower Emission Levels: Total hydrocarbon emissions can be reduced by up to 50%.
    2、Protect the Engine: Proper exhaust flow will make the engine run cleaner, smoother and better, which will also reduce maintenance costs.
    3、Easy to Use: Clean the converter thoroughly with catalytic converter cleaner, do not remove it. Stop the horrible service engine light flashing on the screen and get better engine performance.
    4、Odor Removal: While cutting down on oil consumption, it also gets rid of the icky smell developed by your car overtime.
    5、Entire System Cleaning: You can also clean other components such as oxygen sensors, injectors, cylinder heads, etc.

    Tips: suitable for gasoline and diesel fuel

    Using the first bottle, the carbon deposit dissolves and falls off, the mixture of fuel_ and carbon deposits, and the engine can be slightly shaken.

    Using 2-4 bottles, the carbon deposition cleaning period, the carbon deposit will be discharged together with the vehicle exhaust, it can be clearly felt that the engine noise is significantly lower than before.

    Using 5-6 bottles, deep cleaning and maintenance period, the accumulated carbon in the year is basically cleaned, the engine fuel tank can feel smooth running, gasoline can be completely burned, reduce fuel consumption.

    If you notice a significant drop in a rotten egg smell coming from your engine, clean the catalytic converter immediately!
    It helps clean the oil tank system and cylinders, improving overall performance.
    Simply pour into the tank.

    Capacity: 120ml

    Packing List:
    1 x Catalytic Converter Cleaner (120ml)

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