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128G Carplay 2 Din For Suzuki Ertiga 2018 2019 Android 10.0 Screen Multimedia Player Audio Radio GPS Navigation Head Unit Stereo

From R2885.16
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  • Description

    >>Full lamination screen:Recommended!!! lease check the writing below, why we strongly recommend it!!

    1. Different structure
    Full lamination screen: use high permeability glue between the touch layer and the display screen without any gaps.
    Non-full lamination screen: just fit and fix the touch layer and the border of the display screen, there will be a gap between the two layers

    2. Display effect

    The full lamination technology eliminates the air between the screens, which can greatly reduce light reflection and reduce the loss of transmitted light to increase brightness and enhance the display effect of the screen.

    Non-full lamination screen:  The middle part of the touch layer and the display screen is not processed, resulting in an air layer between the two. Although the air layer isvery small, the two extra surfaces will reflect light on the surface and cause the screen reflective.

    3. Tightness

    Full lamination screen: The full bonding technology generally uses better optical adhesives, which can better bond the gaps between the layers and reduce the probability of air and dust entering.
    Non-full lamination screen: The screen tends to fall off when encountering an impact, and it is easy to get dust.

    4: Full lamination screen, small noise interference, thin body

    The close integration of the touch screen and the display panel can not only increase the strength, but the full fit can effectively reduce the interference caused by noise on the touch signal and improve the smoothness of touch operation.

    The fully laminated screen has a thinner body, and the touch screen and the display are bonded with optical glue, which only increases the thickness of 25μm-50μm.

    It is 0.1mm-0.7mm thinner than the ordinary bonding method, and the thinner module thickness provides greater flexibility in the design of the whole machine structure. The thinner body improves the product grade and highlights the technical content.

    5: Price
    Full lamination screen: This kind of technology is more difficult, and the yield rate requires high precision, so the price is higher.
    Non full lamination screen:

    The biggest feature of this bonding method is low technical difficulty and low cost, so the unit price of the screen is relatively low.

    >Built-in Carplay,Androdi Auto

    It allows you to use the iPhone and Android, intelligently and safely in your car.

    Allows you to use navigation,make calls,send and receive messages,and listen to music while staying focused,Put the phone screen into the player

    >48EQ DSP Adjustments

    Because we a powerful DSP chip,we support adjustments which means you have more power to control the sound of various frequencies

    Better quality music, more perfect sound, sound switching position adjustment.

    >Support FM/AM Radio RDS

    our product including FM AM,Support audio channels in all countries

    The RDS Radio system also has a unique”communication information”functions,if there is an emergency,the radio station will send a special signal to force the radio to play.

    >voice control

    Support multi-country voice control, please click the link below to check

    >Button light

    Key support a variety of color display, you can choose your favorite color by setting.

    Steering wheel controls

    Compatible with the steering wheel control functions. Easy to switch songs,channels and adjust volumeto provide you a safer and more enjoyable journey.

    >Built-in BT

    >The Car stereo comes equiped with built-in BT and phonebook function. You can sync the phonebook from your mobile phone to this unit and then make hands-free mobile phone operation conveniently and quickly. You can also enjoy wireless music playback from your BT device

    >Support Split Screen

    It can show GPS navigation and video recording at the same time, video recording picture can float and be adjusted.

    >Built in GPS Navigation

    **Built-in GPS/GLONASS navigation

    **Built-in map, permanently free to update

    **About map update: if you want to update the map, please contact us, we will upload it to the “Drop box”, please do not download in other places, otherwise it will damage the original map.
    >Update map time : once  a year

    >Support Wi-Fi, 4G internet

    >You can keep connected through What’sapp Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Gmail ,wave and other Google services.

    >>Support DVR funtion>>Support DVR funtion

    >> You can watch videos on the radio by connecting USB.Easy to connect and easy to watch. Make you safer on the road.(optional accessory)

    >> ADAS function,Forward Collision Warning System, Front Vehicle Departure Warning, Make you safer on the road.

    >>Support Rear Camera

    ** When the car in Reverse Gear, this car DVD will automatically switch to the back-up camera image view with parking line. (optional accessory)

    Applicable models & years

    For Suzuki ERTIGA 2018-2019

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