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2 din 8GB+128GB Car Multimedia Radio Video Player 2din Android Auto For CHEVROLET OPTRA BUICK EXCELLE Av Output 4G LTE DSP RDS

From R1763.93
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300 in stock

  • Description

    For chevrolet OPTRA BUICK EXCELLE

    PLEASE NOTE: Please contact us if you need this cable below. Otherwise, the blue cable is sent as standard

    >Built-in Carplay + Auto (M200S-M700S)

    car dvd player comes with carplay and Android Auto function, no need to purchase additional accessories.

    >Support DSP Processor (M200S-M700S)

    Increase DSP digital audio processing module multi- dimensional surround lossless sound effects, enjoy high-definition audio-visual feast!

    >Support 360 Panoramic Camera(M200S-M700S)

    No dead angle screen, Safer driving on congested roads(Camera needs to be purchased separately,click picture to buy )

    >video output (M200S-M700S)(optional features)

    The rear row is connected to our product screen, which can play videos, music, etc., allowing rear passengers to enjoy more fun during the ride.

    >Support FM/AM Radio RDS

    our product including FM AM,Support audio channels in all countries

    The RDS Radio system also has a unique”communication information”functions,if there is an emergency,the radio station will send a special signal to force the radio to play.

    Support voice control function.

    >You can switch your favorite background color

    >Multiple UI selections


    > With OBD2 function avaliable on this unit,you can teteieve realtime data and trouble codes feom your vehicles computer


    >Tire pressure monitoring system is abbreviated as “TPMS”. This technology can automatically monitor various conditions of tires in>real time by recording tire speed or electronic sensors installed in tires, which can provide effective safety guarantee for driving

    > Enjoy Audiophile Sound in your car.

    > After connecting a USB DAB receiver (optinal) via USB port

    > you can enjoy better sound quality and steronger signal to many digital audio broadcasting channels


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