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2 din Android Car Radio Multimedia Player For Maserati GHIBLI 2014 2015 2016 Car Stereo Autoaudio tesla style headunit auto

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    2 din Android Car Radio Multimedia Player For Maserati GHIBLI 2014 2015 2016 Car Stereo Autoaudio tesla style headunit auto


    1. Please send us your car control    Dashboard    and model and configuration information when you cannot confirm if this is suit for you car

    2. If the control chart of your car is the same as the one shown below, you can buy it directly
    1.Operating system: 9.0
    2.Memory: Standard 4GB (LPDDR4) + 32GB (eMMC) / 4GB (LPDDR4) + 64GB (eMMC)
       Built-in 32-bit Renesas MCU
    3.Video format: Support HD 1080P / 4K ISP screen Screen resolution: 1920*1080 digital       screen or higher, with dual-zone function
    1.USB port: USB2.0host / USB OTG
    2.Built-in wifi (RTL-8189ETV–CG) (use the hotspot on your smartphone to connect to the     internet)
    3.Built-in Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0 phone freehand call synchronization contact list
    4.Supports Apple Phone (CARPlay), Android Phone (Android Auto) mobile phone                 interconnection function
    5.Built-in Google Play Store app, download the apps you need
    6.Support original car functions (such as air conditioning, atmosphere lights, steering             wheel function, original car reversing image, etc.)
    The following are our navigation accessories, they can help you install or better
    display all the features of our navigation.
    6453主图_0011_主图11_0030_图层 1 拷贝 34主图_0003_主图11_0020_图层 1 拷贝 22主图_0009_主图11_0032_图层 1 拷贝 36主图_0010_主图11_0031_图层 1 拷贝 35主图_0000_主图11_0023_图层 1 拷贝 25主图_0001_主图11_0022_图层 1 拷贝 24主图_0004_主图11_0015_图层 1 拷贝 14主图_0005_主图11_0003_图层 1 拷贝


    1. How do I know if the radio is right for my car?
    We usually describe compatible cars on the product list page. If you still have questions, please send your car’s central control chart before purchasing to ensure that the product model is compatible, and please send your car model and year to ensure that the CAN protocol is applicable to the original car. Please check if your car has its own rear 360-degree panoramic camera? Please check if the screen of your car has changed? Tell us this information and we will help you confirm it.
    2. What functions does Android Navigation provide?
    Android navigation is like an Android phone. You can install the Android application and GPS navigation through the navigation application selected in the software store. It also retains most OEM features. Other accessories, such as DVR, OBD, rear camera, 360 ° camera, etc.
    3. About installation instructions
    Usually, our products are plug and play, and there are usually wiring diagrams available that show how to connect in a car, so most of the time people can install their own radio. We can also provide real-time help online on request. However, if you are concerned about any damage in your car, it is best to ask a professional to install it.
    4. Which Android applications can be installed?
    You can install all Android applications compatible with the Android firmware version. Google Play is included in the navigation. You can also install apps that are not in the PlayStore by enabling “Unknown sources”.
    5. How to connect navigation to the Internet?
    Our products support the WiFi link function, so if you know the password, you can connect it to any Wi-Fi network. To connect to the Internet from your car, you can turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, or you can purchase a dedicated mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for your car.

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