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2021 Men Women Rimless Reading Glasses Anti Blue Light Bifocal Far Near Magnification Eyewear Presbyopic Glasses +150 +200

R142.86 R158.75
  • Eye Prescription:

  • Frame Color:

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  • Description



    Men Women Rimless Reading Glasses Bifocal Far Near Anti Blue Light Magnification Eyewear Presbyopic Glasses  +150 +200



    Lenses Color: black/tawny

    Gender: UnisexLenses

    Optical Attribute: Anti-Reflective

    Lens Width: 5.3cm

    Lenses Material: Glass

    Lens Height: 3.5cm


    Maintenance of Glasses:

    1 Pay attention to chemical products such as beauty products, cosmetics, etc., which may easily cause discoloration or
       deformation of 
    the frame. Please wipe with a cloth or paper for glasses:
    2 When the frame is folded, most of the glasses are gently folded from the left temple.
    3 Use both hands when taking the frame and wear the glasses in the correct position on the face: the optical center of
       the lens is made in 
    the part of the eye that suits you;
    4 When the lens is sandy, please rinse with water and then dry it with a cloth or paper for glasses;
    5 When placing the glasses, do not put the convex side of the lens downwards, fold it in the opposite direction from
       when wearing, so that 
    the lenses are placed upwards, and put them in the glasses case when not in use.


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