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2022 New KF106 MAX Dron 4K Professional HD Dual Camera 5G WIFI 3-Axis Gimbal Brushless Motor Foldable RC Quadcopter KF106 Drone

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    2022 New KF106 MAX 4K Professional HD With Dual Camera Drone 5G WIFI 3-Axis Gimbal Brushless Motor

    Video Show

    The Difference Between KF106 and KF106 MAX

    KF106 No 360° obstacle avoidance function.
    KF106 Max adds 360° obstacle avoidance function.
    Please check the product attributes when purchasing.

    Common Features

    1.GPS mode and Optical flow mode dual mode.

    2.GPS return to start point and point with low power and no signal.

    3.GPS Smart following: After the plane left the GPS, it will open the APP following function, and the plane will follow the mobile phone. In addition, Image Following: Detect the shooting object and follow the flight automatically.

    4.Gesture photography and recognition: Within 1-3m of the plane, make photographic gesture / photographic gesture in front of the camera.

    5.Route multi-point planning flight: the plane autonomously fly after the pre-set route, the player focuses on shooting.

    6.Fixed-point surround: Find the center of the surround, and then move the desired surround radius through the rocker.

    7.Track and remind the drone: Click on the GPS signal icon three times, open the map interface, the map shows the closing distance of the aircraft, length and latitude position.

    8.3-Axis Gimbal make photo more clear.

    Challenge “0 Difficulty” Ready To Fly

    N+ function, a strong debut,You want the artifct here it is

    Full Technology, 4k Aerial Photography Master
    GPS positioning
    Three -axis self-stabilizing gimbal
    4K dual camera
    Intelligent obstacle avoidance
    Brushless Motor
    Optical Flow Hover
    Multi-function return
    Define the route
    Gesture to take a photo
    Long battery life
    Smart follow
    Fly around
    One key to
    Fly away
    Spiral up
    the sky

    Folding Master It

    Scientific folding design, light body, travel hand in hand anytime, anywhere, more lightweight

    Three-Axis GimbalEIS Anti-Shake Master

    The three-axis self- stabilizing gimbal greatly enhances the picture stability, effectively stabilizes the image, makes shooting simple, and produces clearer pictures.

    4k Dual Camera

    4K high- definition movie-level pixels are 8 times that of 1080P high-definition pixels, and the definition is better.
    4KHD quality
    50F Electronic zoom

    Laser Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Worry-Free Flight

    360° automatic detection of surrounding obstacles, preventing collision, scratches,rejecting crash damage, and flying more freely.

    All-round obstacle avoidance Beginners get started in seconds

    Obstacle avoidance at night
    Corridor obstacle avoidance
    Mirror obstacle avoidance
    Follow obstacles

    GPS Return

    More accurate satellite positioning,always guarantee your flight safety,know how to go home,and fearlessly bomb the plane.
    Runaway return
    One key return
    Low battery return
    Return flight

    5g Image Transmission

    Watch the wonderful scenery in the distance on your mobile phone

    Large Battery Lasts Battery Life + Double Protection Battery Smart Circuit Board

    Modular high-capacity body battery, flying for several laps and half of the battery left. Battery overcharge and overdischarge protection, use more assured, real-time power light, at a glance.

    High-Grade Wind Resistance Brushless Power

    More powerful brushless motor, wind resistance index up to 5 Low noise and good stability.

    Wind resistance level

    High-End Remote Control

    Equipped with a backlit LCD screen, you can know the real-time parameters of the aircraft more clearly;the built- in lithium battery is more convenient to operate.
    LCD screen
    Built-in lithium battery

    Smart Hover Steady As Mount tai

    Dual positioning technology, it can maintain a stable flight no matter indoors or outdoors,and it is easy for beginners to control.
    Indoor/Optical Flow Localization
    Outdoor/GPS positioning

    Smart Follow

    Follow-Up Assistant
    Turn on the follow, no need to control, you can automatically follow the operator, easy to follow the shooting.

    4K Flagship Easy Shot Easy To Use

    Fantastic flight, intelligent entertainment,this is the true flagship.
    Aim at the camera, gesture to take a photo
    Draw waypoints on the map and easily realize automatic flight
    Set the target as the center point
    and fly around to make a big picture
    One key to the sky, free your hands
    Away flight skills
    The aircraft can spiral upward
    Time lapse shooting, record wonderful moments

    Product Parameters

    Name:aerial photography drone
    Flight system: GPS+Optical Flow Positioning
    Folded size:17x10x10.5cm
    Expand Size:32x31x10.5cm
    Lens parameters :4K three-axis gimbal
    Battery life:about 22 minutes

    Let’s Answer Your Questions

    Q1: Is every drone tested before shipment?

    Yes, we would test each drone before send out. If there are problems when you receive parcel, please feel free to contact us.

    Q2: What should I do when my drone can’t connect with RC ?

    Please try to manually pair the drone and RC first. You can refer to the user manual for pairing procedures in details.

    Q3: What should I do If I have any after-sales problems ?

    Please rest assured that if there have any problem, we are always here at your service, to slove your problem more efficient, please send the video/pictures to Customer Service,We will solve your worries as soon as possible.

    Q4: What to do if the packaging is damaged ?

    Products will be properly packaged by the warehouse according to uniform standards. Occasionally, the packaging box of the products will be squeezed and deformed during transportation.This is a normal situation, and our store is not responsible for damaged packaging boxes. If there is damage to the internal products, please contact our customer service.

    Q5: What should I do If I not find my accessories ?

    Due to the parcel filling foam more, pls carefully check it; If you not find it, pls help to provide complete unpacking video to us, we will check this issue with our warehouse and offer solution accordingly.

    Q6: What happens if I don’t receive my goods ?

    If you have not received your shipment within 30 days from payment, please contact us.We will track theshipment and get a reply back to you as soon as possible. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

    lf you have any questions,please contact our customer service,we are happy to answer your question,wish you a happy shopping.

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