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2022 Smart Watch Men Android GT3 1.5 inch Always Display Bluetooth Call IP68 Wateroproof Smartwatch for Men Huawei Xiaomi Iphone

From R792.19
  • Color:

988 in stock

  • Description

    2022 Smart Watch Men Android GT3 1.5 inch Always Display Bluetooth Call IP68 Wateroproof Smartwatch for Men Huawei Xiaomi Iphone

    i39 support language:


    i39Y support language:

    MA01 support language: Chinese, English (default), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Croatian, Turkish, Czech, Dutch+ Indonesian, Malaysian, Finnish, Greek, Romanian.

    1.5 BIG SCREEN

    The screen is bigger and more advanced

    i39—–1.30 inch screen
    i39Y—–1.32 inch screen
    MA01—–1.5inch screen

    10 reasons

    1.5”Retina large display
    Bedside lamp mode Gravity sensor
    Bluetooth call Hi-Fi sounds
    Always ON technology Long light mode
    Set custumize Ringtones Personalize
    Rotary Button
    Voice assistant
    Support different receiving pay Methods
    100 activities.heart rate monitor throughout the day

    Voice assistant

    Best partner with phone,
    convenient done your daily job.
    So easy.

    Support different receiving pay Methods

    Connect phone,push receiving
    QRCode to watch.

    Rotary crown, There is more than one way to interpret beauty

    Gently turn the “Rotary crown”,accurate identify various
    functions,smooth hand feel brings a fun and
    dripping experience,easy interaction.
    The body case is integrally formed by multiple CNCs,
    and the side is brushed to highlight the
    metal texture and vivid details.

    UI menus switch as you like

    Built-in multiple sets of Ul,there is always one
    that can meet your usage habit,
    and the operation is smooth and handy.

    Location,Family Guardian

    The App checks each one’s location and health data in real time
    take care the elderly,love,kid,friend etc.
    Sharing your location,health and love with yours.

    My QR code Adeeing friends is easier

    Can be connected with QQ,
    Wechat,Facebook,Twitter and so on Social app binding,
    add friends with watch QR code.

    Weather forecasts

    It can automatically sync phone weather
    Common weather such as haze,sand and dust.

    400*400pxe! Shock HD vision

    The HD large screen brings a clear visual experience
    on the wrist.Inherit the classic gear crown stainless steel button.
    The alloy body and all-glass bezel are sturdy and wear-resistant,
    durable,and will not be damaged over time.
    The slim body can be easily matched with a lightweight
    and comfortable food-grade silicone strap,or replaced with other
    straps,so it can be easily fit in any occasion.

    139Y—–360*360 pxe
    Ma01—–400*400 pxe

    Massive dials choose what you love

    Space,sports,simplicity,machinery…500+rich dials satisfy
    diversified aesthetics,you can switch as you like,
    support APP dial downloads,update frequently,
    and you can also set photos as dials to show your loves

    Remote camera

    Through the watch control the shot of phone camera,make
    shooting more easier.Freeze the wonderful moments anytime.

    Wireless charger Longer battery life

    330mAh large battery,power saving algorithm,
    lower power consumption,long-lasting battery life,
    up to 10 days of wear.Fast charging,long-lasting,
    large capacity,no worry about battery life.

    Watch mode: 5-10days
    Call mode: 2-3 days

    i39—-Magnetic charging
    i39Y—–Magnetic charging
    MA01—–Wireless charging

    Dual core Dual heat

    Using high performance and low power consumption HS6621、
    Bluetooth 5.0 chip,regardless of graphics processing or
    the calculation speed is more than 50%faster than the previous
    generation,Call and music are handled by Bluetooth 3.0 chip
    separately,Let watch separate management of call mode,
    Lower power consumption is more reasonable.

    Always Eyes ON Your heart condition

    The arrhythmia is fleeting and requires long-term
    continuous monitoring.
    The performance of the optical sensor is further improved,
    and multiple optical paths can be flexibly matched to
    help early warning of health risks.
    Self-management your heart health.

    Physical health condition

    It helps you understand your health more clearly,
    better regulate your life pressure,
    check your heart rate changes through
    the App daily.

    Call with watch That’s easy

    It is no problem to use high-fidelity
    waterproof speakers to directly soak water,
    Whether during housework,
    or walking,running,cycling,climbing,
    Push the phone to the watch in time to answer the call,
    Make Bluetooth calls through your watch to free
    your hands and make communication more free.

    Run,Jump and Ride Good at all

    It supports a variety of sports modes,
    whether you are running or sweating on the court,
    it can accompany you to enjoy the fun
    of sports.Based on monitoring indicators such as
    calories,heart rate,running distance,
    intelligent evaluation index and training pressure,
    you can rationally arrange training intensity and time
    and improve training quality.

    Sports data recording

    Automatically monitor exercise steps,
    calorie consumption,exercise mileage and other data,
    record every moment of your exercise.

    IP68 Waterproof

    Confident in daily life scenes such as hand
    washing and raining.
    PS:Please do not use in sauna or hot,water bath.

    i39—–life waterproof
    i39Y—–life waterproof
    Ma01—-IP68 Waterproof

    Stay Online No missing call&message

    Pone and watch keep Bluetooth interconnection,
    call,WhatsApp,Email,SMS and all notifications,
    vibration reminder,handle all you messages.

    Sleep with accompany all night

    Record your sleep quality and sleep cycle (deep sleep,
    light sleep,etc.to help you understand and improve your
    own sleep quality to have a high-quality sleep.

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