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500ml WURTH Fast Engine Cleaning Spray Workshop Tooling Tooling Garage High Pressure Cleaner Engine Cleaner Machine Automotive Eu Warehouse automotive tools ns injector kit universal clutch alignment tool dpf cleaner

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  • Description

    Wurth Speed Motor Cleaner Spray 500 ml

    Wurth Engine Cleaner Spray 500 ml

    Wurth Engine Cleaner Spray Motor or machine surfaces accumulating dirt easily and effectively a solvers cleaner spray. Product use yüzeylerdeki teardown no problem caused the absence and rubber, plastic or paint work etching conduct with the use of performance. Çevreye harmlessness formula, dense dirt and oils conveniently çözerek kavuşmasına cleanness of the first day of surfaces.
    Effective A Motor Maintenance and Cleaning
    Wurth Engine Cleaner Spray silicone free special formulated content through application residue on the machines that you prefer. Apply regions effectively cleanups sağlayarak brightness boiler. Cleaner product order a moment before giving short period start using it!
    Wurth Engine Cleaner Use Advantages

    Dense and challenging impurities çıkartır in an easy way. Machine engines without damage, safe cleaning operation lets you perform. Uygulanan surfaces look like new.

    Product Technical Specifications

    The amount of:500 ml

    To use Space:Each type machine, engine, chassis, body, transmission

    Method of use:Spray Application

    Pieces:1Warranty:1 month

    About the brand
    1945 a, In Germany, established by Adolf Wurth brand screw sale took place with the aim of sektörde moving across the globe ismini made known.
    Use Features
    Wurth Engine Cleaner Spray the area where you want to apply the product before use havalandırmanız is recommended. Before use the product while 20 cm mesafeden dirty surface must apply. Application gerçekleştirildiği surfaces, soiling çözündükten then recommended to wash with plenty of water.

    Vehicles engines, transmissions, chassis and kaportalarını cleaning Wurth engine cleaner spray, different use alanlarıyla also stand out. Product temizlemenin blends perfectly with the parts of vehicles as well as lawn mowers, electric saws gardening hırdavatlarının care and temizliğinde also contribute greatly to. Car in the world on treatments 1 number one brand is Wurth engine cleaner motorcycle bakımlarında also can choose safely. The product in the content, AOX compounds, substances such as formaldehyde and halogenated hydrocarbons currently.
    Functional Use Features

    Spray form designed is Wurth product model, car engine in the hardest to reach areas conveniently even is able to penetrate. Product, after the completion of the cleaning process is applied to dirt and dust securement properties gives. Your vehicle adeta heart case can use it easily on the motor and electronic parts Wurth engine cleaner spray plastic rubber and painted surfaces soft textured floors without damaging the cleaning eliminate need for. Your car any service without the need of you take the, easily clean and maintain you perform provide motor maintenance spray, this aspect is also an economical use advantage gives. Spray on strong product content, quickly cleaning process to save time by performing.

    Wurth Meet with Technology

    Product Type:Engine CleanerProduct Model:SprayProduct Volume:500 ml.Application Areas:All Kinds Of Engine Assembly

    Motor Temizliğinde Wurth Quality
    Single packaging case offered for sale Wurth engine cleaner spray, 500 ml spray tin boxes quite lightweight and ergonomic design.
    German Technology
    Established In Germany in 1945 by Adolf Wurth Wurth brand, of the 500 largest companies in the world ranking among the top 100. Brand content-rich range of products, car and engine maintenance products, hand tools, construction materials, automotive parts and technical chemicals as many different varieties of the product.

    Superior Content, Strong Cleaning

    Wurth engine cleaner spray, motor or machine on oil, as grease stubborn impurities towards cleaning up your fast and economical solution. Tool with ilgilenmekten enjoyed field, aracının bakımlarını who does his or her people and for cleaning machine effective product all one to one, to callers. Automotive field often used product, Engines, transmissions, machines, şasiler and fairing for strong cleaner olma applicable for all engine types as well as of the property, transmission, chassis and body at the cleanliness of the do, car repair and maintenance industry for those working in the wide range of uses.
    Economic and Thorough Cleaning
    Wurth engine cleaner spray, passenger car is next, motorcycle, used for lawn mower machine and other machines.
    Quite practical and quickly applied product motor assembly no without damage to the part, to reach the difficult areas conveniently, reaching out to the function to make a thorough cleansing of offers.
    Product, in addition to the cleaning process, applies to a bright appearance on the motor extra protection.
    Product machine or on motor electronic circuits not hurting and rubber, plastic or etching on painted surfaces making it.
    With special formula product, without harming the environment machine stereotypes on oils and yoğun impurities, emeğinizden and zamanınızdan playing, by moving the savings from the budget, uniquely it.
    Product type: Cleanser
    Quantity: 1
    Quantity: 500 ml
    Application surface: Each type machine, engine, chassis, body, transmission
    Fragrance: Citrus
    Extra virgin featured Wurth engine cleaner spray, applies to the area quickly in penetration and result in short time vermesi stands out.
    500 ml spray cap of metal in the bottle, can quickly to your address in the product reaching, with ozone friendly propellant gases due to contain, does not harm the environment.
    Can use as a common cleaner for all machines Wurth engine cleaner spray, silicone do not contain, thanks, it is applied in the area does not leave residue. Thus, not only need karıştırılmasına with water during the processing.
    AOX compound, halogenated hydrocarbon and formaldehyde chemical maddelerini does not include.
    Mild formula, sprayed surface kirlerle together easily separated from the product applied region parlatarak, external factors are protected against the most economical way.
    Manual or high pressure temizleyicilerde available with wide range of applications.
    Wurth, Patent holders is a global brand. By Adolf Wurth, in 1945, almanya’nın Künzelsau region was established for the sale of screw and today as a globally active brand is remarkable.
    Ideal For Those Looking for the Practicality of cleaning
    • Metal surface outside, rubber and plastic surfaces without damaging the cleaning Wurth engine cleaner spray with transmission, chassis and body cleaning can.
    • Product use after providing sufficient ventilation for processing başlayınız.
    • Before using the product a twice çalkalayınız. Spray 20 cm mesafeden dirty surface tigthen.
    • Product dirty surface contact, penetrate the places quickly impurities akıtırken, motor or machine bol rinse immediately with water. Very dense oil or dirt surfaces please repeat the process.
    • After washing cleaning made the area with a dry cloth, shine apperance until the wipe off. Cloth do not, the drying surface air holding gerçekleştiriniz.
    • Hot or on top of the motor running product never sıkmayınız. Spraying during spray, open flame and please keep away from flame from near, the smoke.
    • Product, keeping out of sun rays, cool and dry conditions, please keep out of reach of children.
    • You can also engine and for cleaning machine easily implement, precise results, if you are in search of economic product, wide range of uses that creates the product without wasting time incelemeye can start.

    Motor on oil, grease and to remove stubborn dirt, passenger car, motorcycle, lawn mower and so on suitable for all engine types, wash-free motor cleaner.
    Motor in the assembly found no damage to the part.In addition to the cleaning process shiny look and engine surface protection
    • Fast and easy cleaning
    • Superior content through on motor oil, grease and stubborn dirt quickly and easily form temizler

    • Eco-friendly
    • Do not harm the environment, with ozone friendly propellant gases contains

    • Extra virgin featured
    • Which is hard to reach points easily reaches, easily penetrates and cleans

    • Will not damage the electronic circuits
    • Rubber, plastic and will not harm painted surfaces
    • Silicone free
    • Citrus essence contains
    Note:Hot or on top of the motor running never sıkmayınız. Onto the flame or any incandescent onto a sıkmayınız. Please keep away from sources of ignition. Product when tightening the absolutely not allowed. Environment adequate ventilation. Product the direct sun rays far grasping cool, dry and well-ventilated place. After application, before starting the engine, likely product ruins must be cleaned. Temizlenemeyen product ruins, motor runs can lead to the formation of smoke.
    Use area
    Passenger car, motorcycle, lawn mower and so on all of engine types suitable for cleaning.
    Shake well before using the product. Spray, applied surface 20 cm mesafeden tighten. Product dirty on the surfaces by tightening the penetration and oil, grease and dirt to flow wait. Very dirty and oily areas process several times repeatable. Dirt from the surface after aktıktan engine with water can wash or dry and clean cloth wipe clean and bright görünüme can ensure that you have. Motor washing with water if you prefer, immediately subsequently using compressed air drying process from the coals. The topics to be considered in the form of both applications, in the field of application product kalıntılarının giderilmesidir.
    500 ml
    Aerosol box
    Chemical base
    0,758g/cm³ / 23 ° C, 50 relative humidity
    Production from the shelf life
    24 month
    Warning: Hot or on top of the motor running never sıkmayınız. Onto the flame or any incandescent onto a sıkmayınız. Please keep away from sources of ignition. Product when tightening the absolutely not allowed. Environment adequate ventilation. Product the direct sun rays far grasping cool, dry and well-ventilated place. After application, before starting the engine, likely product ruins must be cleaned. Temizlenemeyen product ruins, motor runs can lead to the formation of smoke.

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