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6 Ports MIMO 4G 915 Mhz 65CM Sector Antenna


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    6 ports MIMO 4G 915 mhz 65CM Sector antenna

    Frequency :806-960/1710-2700MHz Gain :12/14/14dBi Horizontal Beam Width :65±10° VerticalPolarization :35±10°/15±5° VWSR :≤1.5 Front to back ratio :≥23dB Isolation :≥25dB IMD3(2@43dBm)≤-150dBc Polarization :±45° Size :650*420*125mm

    Installation Procedure
    1:Take out the antenna and accessories, prepare tools (wrench); 2:Use upper mounting kit, zigzag part to mount the antenna on the 40~80mm pole; Make the antenna parrallel to the pole; Fully tighten the upper mounting kit, adjust the antenna height; Then tighten the upper and lower mounting kit screws. 3: Adjust the tilt angle of the antenna, and tighten the nut on the screw indicated by in the picture. 4: Connect the corresponding feeder line to the antenna connector by the polarization label, and wrap the waterproof adhesive to complete the installation


    1: The antenna must be installed by professional persons 2: The antenna must be installed according to the actual installation environment, checking whether there are tall buildings or large metal bodies nearby, shelter, etc.

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