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A4 Size Manual Hot Melt Glue Binding Machine 4cm Thickness For Photo Album Book Paper Binder With Manual Paper Cutting Machine

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    Name: manual hot melt glue binding machine
    Voltage: 220V
    Pre-heating temperature time: 20min
    Max Binding thickness: 4cm
    Max Binding length: 32cm
    Output: 200 books/hours
    Weight: 28KG
    With Manual paper cutting machine
    Max cutting thickness: 4cm
    Max cutting length: 32cm
    Package included:
    1x manual hot melt glue binding machine
    1x manual paper cutting machine

    Note:hot melt a dhesive not included

    Operating Step

    1、Turn on the power switch(18) .turn the knob(21)at 145°C and wait until the glue completely melted.
    2、Put the paper In the middle of two Metal Plates (2) on the Sliding Table(1). Turn the Hand Wheel A (3) clockwise until the paper has been tightened.
    3. Place a paper cover on the Platform(11);and held on by two Clips(12).
    4、Grasp the Holder (4) and push the Sliding Table (1)slowly and in constant speed to the right until it stops on the platform.
    5、Lift the Handle(15)and press it down with appropriate force.
    6、Push the Handle(15) back to its initial position. turn the Hand Wheel A(3) counterclockwise to release the document. Push the Sliding Table(1)to left to its initial position.

    Precautions and Tips
    Never touch the heating glue pot (5) in order to avoid scald.
    Set the temperature at 135℃-155℃. After heating for 10minutes, please turn the Hand Wheel B (7)slowly and
    ciockwise to speed up the melting of glue.
    The paper must have to close to the left end of slidingtable(1) before clamped
    That pressing down handle(15) with appropriate force andkeep for 3s- 5s is recommended to be sure the binding

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