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Android version touch screen 42″ Rotable Floor Standing floor guide Player /digital signage DIY display pc


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    Android version touch screen 42″ Rotable Floor Standing floor guide Player /digital signage DIY display pc


    Technical parameter:

    Display: 42 inch LED LCD screen

    Display ratio: 16:9

    Display area: 930 mm * 520 mm

    Resolution: 1920*1080

    Distance: 0.294 (vertical) * 0.294 (level mm)

    Horizontal frequency: 30 – 80KHZ

    Vertical frequency: 60/75HZ

    Color number: true colors

    Lamp life: 50000 hours


    Stand-alone version of the function

    1 broadcast medium: use CF card, SD card, MMC cards, while supporting the duo, U disk etc.

    2 support cf the capacity was 128MB-16G, according to their needs, 10M can store about 1 minutes of video advertising

    3 power on, the automatic cycle playback

    4 play file types: movies, music, pictures

    5 compatible with VCD, SVCD, VOB, DVD, AVI and other video formats


    7 language menu: Chinese, English

    8 have super timing function, can be set up to 5 hours a day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without personnel management

    9. To support water matrix function, simply put the water font text stored directly in the card can be: you can loop advertising quotations, water roll at the bottom of the screen)

    10 support edit play list function, every day can be set to play the specified file in the specified time period

    11. Support breakpoint memory function: when the products in the power failure or other reasons lead to power is cut off, reboot, advertising machine can power-off memory before playing the program state, the boot and power-off program before continue to play, thus avoiding all programs and restart playback of embarrassment.

    12 support calendar function

    13 support angle display: make your own logo displayed on the machine, increase visibility, expand the brand benefit. (and ordinary household TV programs can see CCTV TV function)

    14 support cards and cards to each other between the introduction or deletion of the program

    15. Support for generating log file function: managers can always see the advertisement machine to play the program recording, the log file generated in the CF card, only need to copy to the computer can view. Accurate to seconds, let managers and advertisers for advertising machine working condition like the palm of his hand, to obtain advertisers trust, icing on the cake for your business.

    16 play synchronization: according to the time code synchronization or extra points screen synchronization

    17. Support and synchronization (in the picture playback open background music function, MP3 background music will automatically according to the order of play, play mode, the picture can have the middle to both sides, left to right, to the inferior modes, picture playback speed can 5S, 10s, time control)

    18 support software for immediate escalation

    Has 19 functions: safety lock with anti-theft lock, prevent storage equipment stolen.

    20. With password lock function: you can set the code machine, each replacement program have to enter a password, so as to avoid the malicious swap CF card and other programmes are shown.

    21 digital playback, no mechanical wear, can work for a long time, to adapt to the environment, strong shock performance, especially in the mobile environment, more competent.

    22 high brightness, wide viewing angle, quality to achieve DVD quality, suitable for high-end users to display the needs of products

    23 screen surface mount super thin high transparence toughened glass or acrylic protective layer to protect the LCD screen damage

    Average brightness: 550cd/m 2

    Contrast: 600: 1

    Angle of view: up and down: 85 degrees /85 degrees 85 degrees /85

    Color saturation: 64 gray scale Display Colors:16.2M

    Stereo speakers: stereo (5W+5W)

    Input voltage: 100-240V 50/60HZ AC

    Power management: in line with the DPMS VESA standard

    Power consumption: less than 60W

    Working environment temperature: 40 degrees 0

    Storage temperature: 50 degrees -10



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