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Brake Fluid Liquid Tester Pen With 5 LED with Tire pressure tester 2 IN 1 Diagnostic Tool With Pry Tool Gift Auto Vehicle Tool

R164.46 R193.51

19876 in stock

  • Description

    Tire pressure test
    1. Press the ^ button to start testing.  Press the test pressure against the valve when the unit of measurement appears on the LCD display.  
    Heavy pressure is pressure measurement, light pressure is deflation
    2. Press the  button continuously to convert the measurement unit.
    3. Press and hold the   button for 3 seconds to shut down or press the  button to shut down.
    4  LCD Display:

        ●  Tire Pressure decection.

        ●  Kpa/Psi/Bar pressure units by switching  button.

    Brake oil test
    1. Press the  button , green light show up to start testing.
    2. Open the bottom cover of the product and immerse the metal probe in the brake fluid for 1-2 seconds. The test result will be displayed correctly.
    3. Automatically shut down after 7 seconds of testing.

    4. LED Light: 

        Detecting DOT4 brake fluid performance.
           Water 0% Good
           Water <2% OK
           Water >3% Bad


    Tips 1: When measuring tire pressure, the display shows OL indicating that the test pressure range is exceeded. Press the valve at the time of inspection, otherwise it will deflate.
    Tips 2: Press  or  , the display shows LO, indicating that the battery is low and needs to be replaced.
    Tips 3: Please clean the metal probe after use to prevent corrosion of the brake fluid and prolong the service life of the product.
    Tips 4: Product battery model: CR1225 or CR1220

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