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Built-in car tire pressure monitoring system shows 4 internal sensors Android navigation tire pressure alarm 0-116 Psi


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  • Description

    USB Android Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Wireless for Android NavigationTransmission TPMS
    Why You Need?
    A tire pressure monitor is definitely necessary for a car driver. It potentially prevents accidents and protects the tires. It also can save more fuel. With it, your car will work in the best condition.
    Internal sensor:
    – Working voltage: 2.1 – 3.5V
    – Working frequency: 433MHz
    – Pressure measuring range: 0 – 116 psi (0 – 8 bar)
    – Temperature measuring range: -40 – 125 Deg.C
    – Working temperature: -40 – 125 Deg.C
    – Battery: built-in CR2050 (3V, 330mAh) button cell

    Main Features:
    – TPMS for Android navigation: the receiver can connect to the car DVD/multimedia player/GPS navigation, install the app (included in the U-disk), and check the tire data on the screen, very convenient to use
    – Quick air leakage alarm: real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring, with 4 tire data displaying on your DVD screen, prevent tire burst, extend the tire’s life and save fuel
    – Abnormal alarm: after connecting to the car DVD, it will send you the sound prompt when abnormal occasions occur, such as high and low tire pressure alarm, high temperature alarm, etc.
    – Accurate and durable: with advanced and professional technology, ensure the stable signal and accurate data
    TPMS Receiver:
    – Working voltage: DC 5V
    – Working current: less than 15mA
    – Working frequency: 433MHz
    – Working temperature: -40 – 85 Deg.C
    – Connector: USBExternal sensor:
    – Battery: built-in CR2025 button cell
    – Working voltage: 2.1 – 3.5V
    – Working temperature: minus 30 – plus 60 Deg.C
    – Temperature measurement range: minus 30 – plus 85 Deg.C
    – Pressure measurement range: 0 – 116 psi
    – Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz
    Main features:
    – Powerful TPMS:
    Monitors tire pressure and temperature condition in real time, which will transmit real-time data to the DVD of your car to remind the driver for the comfortableness of vehicle and driving safety.
    – Wide application:
    This system is widely suitable for vehicle with four tires and the maximum pressure of the tire is below 8 bar, such as a commercial car, jeep, off-road vehicle, minibus, and sedan car, etc.
    – Digital display:
    Includes a TPMS receiver, four external sensors, and a U disk. The real-time data of tires will be sent to the DVD through USB port, so you can know the status of your car easily and comfortably from the DVD.
    – 4 external sensors:
    Provides four sensors, which are suitable for using in any type of weather. Besides, they are in high sensitivity and good accuracy for measuring pressure and temperature.
    TPMS receiver:
    – Working voltage: DC 5V
    – Working current: less than 15mA
    – Working frequency: 433.92MHz
    – Working temperature: minus 40 – plus 85 Deg.C
    – USB cable length of the receiver: about 220mm
    – Please note that our USB TPMS receiver is only suitable for Android DVD system

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