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Cakosimo 4000WH 8000W Solar Generator 220V 110V Portable Power Staion Refrigerator TV Computer cell phone Domestic power station

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  • Description

    ●2000W Continue Power

    ●4000W Peak Power

    ●2 hours quick charge   Charging power of 1000W

    ●Built-in BMS

    ●Built-in MPPT controller


    ●2 Year Warranty  

    ●New batteries, lithium iron phosphate refused to use a pilot battery [pilot battery means: down the battery power battery replacement products. Pilot battery is a new energy car battery out down the battery after break up. Capacity, can continue to use the battery from scrap battery 】

    Cycle life can reach 6000 +, use fixed number of year life up to 10 years

    Y2000 is A built-in high-end portable energy storage power, A product of the battery is compatible with the utility and solar car and so on the many kinds of charging power supply to the machine, with alternating current output, DC. The TYPE – C, USB, LED, and other functions, through reliable perfect protect battery and BMS and advanced numerical algorithms, corresponding, high reliability, long life, high light, etc.

    * using the unique thermal management design patent, the product has better environmental compatibility and tolerance.

    * new A0 segment batteries, long cycle life, high reliability.

    * the built-in high frequency resonance technique, small volume, big output power, pure sine wave output.

    * compatible with a variety of charging ways, built-in MPPT control unit, the automatic identification of vehicle charging function.

    * hd, highlighting the large screen, accurate display power and belong to the time.

    * all output independent control and protection, to minimize the interference between each outlet.

    * aerospace grade aluminum alloy shell, where V0 fire prevention, security escort for the products.

    * multinational third-party authoritative attestation, a vast market.

    You can use two equipment designer, so you will get a 4 KWH capacity of equipment, at the same time, inverter power can be increased to 4000W continuous power, peak power of 8000 w inverter device


    AC output voltage 110V/230V   50/60Hz

    DC ouput up 24V/10A

    AC output port support US/UK/AU/EU/JP/Universal

    Masterpiece Cakosimo’s top design, you can run the weaver, two devices used at the same time, double capacity, double the power inverter, power equipment can meet almost 100% of your family.

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