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Camcorder Video Camera 4k Professional Ordro AZ50 64X Digital Zoom Night Vision WiFi Filmadora for YouTube Vlog Blogger

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  • Description

    Advanced features for great moments

    The performance packed into ORDRO AZ50 4k camcorder is peerless.
    64X digital zoom help you get clear images even in long distance shooting.
    You can easily take pictures even in a dark environment.

    4K Ultra HD

    Shoot 4K footage that contains about four times more detail than Full HD (3840 x 2160 pixels vs. 1920 x 1080) footage, and capture more of the incredible qualities that bring images to vibrant life.

    Please set 4K resolution on MENU before recording.
    Make sure that the camera does not shake at all when shooting, otherwise it will cause blurred imaging.

    Playback on 4K TV or 4K computer

    The image you see on the camera screen is blurry, because the resolution of the camera screen is relatively low, please put the captured photos or videos on a 4k computer or 4K TV by HDMI 2.0 cable for playback.


    Please make sure that your shooting distance is 1.5 meters or more, in order to get clear image.
    If you use micro lens with this camcorder, please make sure the shooting distance is 5 cm or more.

    This camcorder is digital zoom, it is fixed focus, please do not try to adjust focus.

    Use Sony 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor

    More flexible image capture, wider dynamic range, high resolution.

    Most of camcorder has 1/3 inch sensor, but AZ50 has 1/2.3 inch sensor which will help you shoot good quality picture even in low light.

    Superb Infrared night vision

    This feature use infrared light to take pictures even in complete darkness. By using NIGHT SHOOTING, parents can easily capture children’s cute sleeping face.

    The image in infrared night vision mode is black and white.

    Note: Effective distance <16 ft.

    Stereo Recording- Cardioid Directivity

    Built-in two diaphragms can record from the front and both sides, locate sound sources in different directions, simulate spatial orientation and layer, and realize stereo pickup.

    With External Accessories

    1. ORDRO M530 Stereo Microphone
    With the exclusive hot shoe design, it can support external microphone. The microphone can accurately pick up the sound, eliminate the noise and NCR noise reduction during recording, bringing you purer sound quality.

    Tips: Please use the microphone adapter to connect an external microphone to the camcorder. And make sure it is fully inserted, otherwise the camcorder cannot pick up the sound.
    2. Wide Angle and Macro Lens (FS-1)
    FS-1 is a professional 2-in-1 0.39x (with macro lens) wide angle lens for a wider range of shooting. (Lens diameter 37mm). Use the macro lens for close up shots such as plants and animals, etc

    Tips: The wide-angle lens is mainly used for long-range shooting, the shooting distance is greater than 1.5m.
    3. Lens hood
    4. HC-1 stabilizer

    Function key introduction

    ① Hot shoe interface ② Zoom in / Zoom out
    ③ PHOTO ④ Status Indicator
    ⑤ MODE button ⑥ Video button
    ⑦ Infrared light button ⑧ Battery compartment switch
    ⑨ HDMI / USB cable interface ⑩ Delet button
    ⑾ Playback button ⑿ MENU button
    ⒀ Microphone ⒁ Power button
    ⒂ Display button ⒃ SD card slot
    ⒄ 3.1 inch IPS disply screen

    Product Specifications

    4k Ultra HD (3840 × 2160) (30fps) recording
    Q: How to set 4k?
    A: Touch “MENU” on screen, touch “Resolution”, then choose “4K UHD P30”.

    1/2.3 inch SONY CMOS Sensor

    13 Megapixels, max 28 Megapixels (by software interpolation)


    f=8.13mm, F.NO:3.0, Ø: 37mm

    More than or equal to 1.5 meters

    3.1 inch type IPS touch display, Wide (16:9)

    Support infrared night vision shooting, in this shooting mode, the picture is black and white

    NP-120 lithium battery
    Working time after full charged: approx. 60mins

    Ordro AZ50 Supports 13 languages: English (default), Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

    128(L) mm × 68(W) mm × 78(H) mm

    Standard package include

    1* AZ50 HD digital camera
    1* USB cable
    1* HDMI cable
    1* User manual
    1* Camcorder bag
    1* Remote control
    1* Chatger
    1* Battery
    1* Lens cover
    1* Microphone adapter cable
    1* Camcorder box

    Package A include

    1* AZ50 HD digital camera
    1* USB cable
    1* HDMI cable
    1* User manual
    1* Camcorder bag
    1* Remote control
    1* Chatger
    1* Battery
    1* Lens cover
    1* Microphone adapter cable
    1* Camcorder box
    1* CM-530 stereo microphone
    1* Wide angle lens
    1* Lens hood
    1* Stabilizer

    Very Important!

    1. Please carefully read the user manual before use, this camera is designed for amateurs, not for Professional users.
    2. Please full charge camera before you use it.(Battery life is related to the environment and method of use)
    3. Please format the memory card(use original class 10 or higher SD card) through this camera when you first use the camera.
    4. This Camcorder doesn’t support manual focus, the lens is fixed. Please keep a shooting distance above 1.5m to take clear pictures and videos. If you need close-up shots, please use a macro lens and keeping 10-20 cm distance from the object.
    5. We suggest you use tripod or handheld PTZ together with this camera.
    6. Menu Language
    This camera supports 13 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Polish.
    7. Color distortion
    If color distortion occurs during shooting, it is most likely a setting error. Selecting Restore default settings in the settings will solve the problem.
    8. Camcorder can be used as webcam. It also support charging while video recording.


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