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Car Android Multimedia Video Interface For-Porsche-Paramera 2017+ Auto GPS Navigation Box

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    Car Android Multimedia Video Interface For-Porsche-Paramera 2017+ Auto GPS Navigation Box
    For-Porsche-Paramera 2017+
    Main features:
    1. The center console is still very familiar, quite standard “T” font.
    2. Original 12.3 inches colorful and large touch LCD screen is particularly beautiful. So it is not suitable to install the traditional Android navigation system with a changing screen method.
    3. There are various function buttons on the central control panel, and it also has analog button feedback like the home button of the Apple mobile phone, which creates a short keystroke feel and is very technological. It can be used to control the original car or Android system.
    4. Being able to connect with a smart phone is the current trend of in-vehicle systems. It can mirror the contents of mobile phones to the original car system or Android system.
    5.When driving, use the touch screen to distract, you can use the steering wheel buttons for simple function operations.
    After installing decoder:

    (1) Upgrade to Android 8-core 4+32G/4+64G entertainment multimedia

    (2) Decode the original car data, realize the single-touch screen/multi-touch screen to operate the Android system, and can zoom in, zoom out or rotate the navigation map content

    (3) Analyze the original car data, and control the Android system through the original car screen touch.

    (4) The original vehicle does not have a 360 panoramic vehicle, you can install the CVBS interface 360 panoramic view (optional).

    (5) Vehicles without reversing image function can be equipped with CVBS interface reversing camera and front-view camera, and also with USB interface driving recorder (optional)

    (6) Dual system (original system and Android system) mobile phone interconnection dual BT, dual navigation function, two USB interface, one audio output

    (7) The original car does not have carplay ,external wireless carplay can be optional

    (8) Keep all functions of the original car, including 360 panorama of the original car, driving recorder, reversing camera, etc. Multimedia functions bring more in-vehicle entertainment equipment experience to the driver, which is the current trend

    Package List:
    1x Android Video Interface; 1x Power Cable; 1x 4G Antenna; 1x Microphone; 1x Mini Horn; 1x GPS Cable; 1x USB Cable; 1x LVDS Cable
    1. Contact us if you any questions before you purchase this product.
    2. Please send us the picture of the car central control to ensure that the product model is compatible.
    3. Please send us the model and year of the car to ensure that the CAN protocol is suitable for the original car.

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