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Car Instrument Panel Intelligent Multimedia System For Volkswagen VW PASSAT B8 CC Radio GPS Replacement Dashboard Entertainment

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    Function Description:
    First: the original car plug is not damaged, and the installation is simple.
    Second: 12.3-inch large HD car gauge display, 1920 * 720P ultra-high resolution.
    Third: 60FPS 2D and 3D frame rate, smooth, smooth, smooth, zero delay.
    Fourth: support mobile phone projection. HDMI input, high scalability.
    Fifth: Keep the original car dashboard and never miss any fault light information.
    Sixth: Synchronous display reversing, right blind spot or 360 images, the best safety perspective.
    Seventh: Compatible with the original car multi-function steering wheel control, support fixed speed cruise, lane keeping.
    Eighth: real-time fuel consumption dynamic display.
    Ninth: Steering wheel steering position display.
    Tenth: Added FM launch.
    The eleventh: LINUX operating system, security and stability, boot time is less than 2 seconds.

    car Instrument multimedia player «AG1» for vw golf 7/7.5 GTI 2014-2019

    For Golf: 7&7.5 2014-2019 (MQB)
    Note: A: Self-contained crystal plate is not suitable
              B: The PQ platform GOLF 6 is not suitable.
    For Golf GTI 2014-2019 (MQB)
    Note: The built-in crystal plate is not suitable.



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