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Car Sunshade Curtain Rear Side Window Front Back Windshield Sun Block Blinks Black Cover Suction Cup Universal Cars Accessories

From R164.46
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     Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan: 1111GO(400-60Rub)  1111WOW (1000-120Rub)  1111LOUD (2000-200Rub)

     Spain: ESD114 (30-4EUR)   ESD1115 (100-15EUR)     ESD1129 (190-29EUR)

     France: 11AE08 (50-8EUR)    11AE11 (70-11EUR)   11AE15 (110-15EUR)

     Brazil: 1111BRL (200-30BRL)   1111BRL (280-40BRL)     1111BRL (450-60BRL)

     Poland: SZYBKA5 (40-5EUR)    SZYBKA11 (80-11EUR)   SZYBKA20 (150-20EUR)

     Saudi Arabia: 1111CM (78-7.8USD)      DIRECT (39-5.2USD)

    This insulation curtain for car glass is suitable for all models and can help your favorite car isolate 90%The above sunshine; Installation is very fast, as long as you gently pull the pull ring and buckle it on the suction cup when parking, two seconds, cool and refreshing for one summer! There is also an automatic winding function, which does not damage the car body, is beautiful, practical and cheap, and is an essential product for you to drive out in summer!

    product style :cobwe(Cobweb)

    Product Size :40x60cm;40x125cm;45x125cm;50x125cm;58x125cm;68x125cm.

    product material :SunscreenPVC+ metal rod

    product characteristics:

    This product is unique in high-efficiency heat insulation.,Automatic winding,Easy installation,Does not hurt the car body,Has the advantages of strong practicability and the like.

    This product is a pack. When using side windows, use one for each window. Each equipped with3A sucker.

    When used in the rear window, two can be used in the rear window at the same time. Simple use, beautiful and generous.

    Sucker quality is a new material manufacturing, suction is relatively good oh! You can suck horizontally or vertically at will! It’s all right! (but friends have to make sure the size of their car is good enough to buy it!)

    [Instructions for Use]:

    1Press the sucker with alloy rod at one end of the windshield so that the insulation curtain is fixed on the side of the windshield.

    2And the other suction cup is adsorbed on one end of the windshield, and when in use, the plastic ring is pulled out and buckled on the suction cup at one end.

    3When you don’t want to use the heat insulation curtain, just gently pull the small round particles on the upper side of the suction cup to separate the suction cup from the glass, and the heat insulation curtain is automatically rolled up.

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