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CE 10KW On Grid Wind Turbine System Kit Free Energy

From R76064.43
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9999 in stock

  • Description


    1:Very large wind turbines
    ,High capacity, high transformation ability

    2:Need to make to order, the delivery date for 30 days

    3: The mode of transportation
    Railway shipment or by sea shipment

    The seller bear the tax

    4:The service life of more than 25 years. Our company provide 3 years warranty (you can pay the continuation of the warranty, the price is $199 per year)This is a hybrid controller, you can control solar systems and wind power system at the same time

    This is a foundation link

    1: generator main material of aluminum alloy

    2: voltage can be customized to 48 v 96 v, 110 v, 220 v, 380 v, if you need special voltage, you can tell me, we are professional customized for you

    3: generator blade length: 1.95 m

    4: rotor diameter: over 4 m

    5: working temperature: – 40 ℃ to 70 ℃

    6: blade material: glass, plastic, or glass fiber (depends on the raw material supply, so we don’t ensure that each batch of blade material, if you have special requirements, you can discuss with us)

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