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Digital Writing Board Interactive Whiteboard System Portable Playground Projection Screen Amusement Center Magic Wall/Floor Game

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  • Description

    Oway 3D Virtual Touch Interactive Whiteboard System Portable Playground Projection Screen Amusement Center Magic Wall/Floor Game interactive wall games interactive floor projection system


    An unusual and exciting product that combines all the fun elements of dancing flames, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, blooming flowers and visual auras with the element of surprise, into one single system.

    New interactive floor system basic version including: Interactive floor/wall software

    28 Interactive effects including Christmas effects, wedding effects, advertising, games etc; Customized IR Camera&Bracket; 5m USB Cable for IR Camera;

    System Requirements:

    1.Projector (prepared by client)(You can also choose to buy our projector)

    2.Computer (prepared by client)

    Interactive floor System Double size Version support 2 projectors; Interactive floor/wall software disk;


    High stability: Use the advanced algorithm to avoid the affect of the light.

    Requirement for the board: The only requirement for the board or wall is flat and evenness. The board can be with the frame.

    The projection screen can closer to the frame, even in the edges of the frame, product can work well.

    Support plenty of gesture recognition: write with single finger; move with two fingers; eraser with palm;

    two fingers for zoom in & zoom out; two fingers work as scroll bar and so on.

    5s auto calibration: Infrared technology and Optical technology only support manual calibration.

    Our auto calibration is much more accuracy and easier to operate.

    Turn common board or wall to touch board. It can turn any flat surface (whiteboard, wall and so on) into finger touchable.

    Any non-transparent object can be used as pen, like a rolled paper.

    In any active area, any non-transparent object can work instead of the pen and the mouse.

       Package Contents:   :

    1*Signal receiver

    1*Laser Emitter

    1*Electronic pen

    1*Power cable

    1*USB Cable

    1*Games CD

    1*Allen wrench

    4*Adjusting screw

       Real Photos:  

    22 games:

    7 effect of Snowing games:


    28 floor games:


    Technical Parameter:

    Finger Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard


    Automatic(5s) / Manual (25 /36 points) /

    Semi Automatic (4 points)



    Single finger is for Write, Two fingers for move,

    zoom in or out and scroll bar, Palm for Erase,

    Palm stay 2s for Spot,Palm two clicks for back to desktop.


    Ten points touch, write and eraser can do together.




    Software auto-control, enhance stability.

    Minimum Active Size

    40 inch

    Max Active Size

    200inch(no sunshine room); 100inch(sunshine room)


    Laser Image Calibration Technology

    Positional Accuracy

    ±1 Pixel (Resolution: 4096*4096)

    Aspect Ratio


    Projector ratio

    Ultra short throw:0.16,installation distance:0.30~0.40m,

    Short throw:0.28,installation distance:0.54~0.9m,

    Long throw:1.28,installation distance:2.15~5.5m.

    Laser Beam

    Short throw/ Long throw: 3units; Ultra short throw: 4units.

    Laser safety

    CLASS I (safety laser)

    Wave of the laser




    Power of Laser


    150mW/unit *3

    Power requirements


    Signal refresh rate



    The sensor and computer are connected by USB Cable;



    OS Requirement

    Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


    Calibration software(driver) and

    GLboard(education software)


    CE, FCC




    1. Sensor 2.Laser Emitter 3.Mounts 4.USB cable

    5.Interactive pen 6.Power Adaptor 7. Manual 8.CD

    Educational software


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