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DIY Grid Pattern Auto Lens Repair Kit Quick Fix A Cracked Broken Tail Light Smooth Surface Polish Red Amber Clear Color

R162.80 R191.55

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  • Description

    How to use
    1.Remove the taillight lens.
    2.Repair lens cracks with lens repair tape. Using tape is meant to only be a temporary fix. You purchase tape or buy a lens repair kit that comes with resin that you simply place over the crack to make it waterproof again.
    A:You want to clean and dry the area where the tape is to be applied. Just before adding the tape wipe the area with a lint free cloth that is wet with rubbing alcohol, and let it dry, then apply the tape. Do not use glass cleaner to clean the area because the ammonia in the glass cleaner will cause the tape not to stick as well as it should. The last wipe with rubbing alcohol will remove most of the impurities and leave a clean surface.
    B:Measure the size of the crack and cut the tape slightly larger than the damage of the lens.
    C:Remove the backing of the tape.
    D:Smooth out the air bubbles when you apply the tape, so they don’t distort the lens.
    Repairs Tail Lights, Turn Signals, Markers and Clear Lenses
    Multi-Pack comes with all 3 colors, Red, Amber and Clear!
    Easy to use and takes minutes to repair!
    Just cut and paste!
    Saves you cost and time!


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