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DOOGEE D11 Smartwatch IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth Real-time Heart Rate 70 Sport Modes 300mAh Battery For Android iOS Mobile Phone

From R1046.34
  • Color:

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  • Description

    PS: Please note that the leather strap is divided into orange and red

    Contrasting Color Design Rotating Crown Design Various dials switch in one second Al Voice Assistan

    High-definition Display 386 PPl Muttiple Ul themes interact2-in-1Bluetooth Call Chip

    Smart Message Push/Call Reminder Get notified instantlyHeart rate/sleep/stress/mood monitoring

    Health Monitoring

    7 days standby 300mAh Battery

    70 Sports Modes

    Punk Aesthetic Design For Sports

    High giass texture inner ring cambines with a high-strength aerospace aluminum matte guter ring to form the frame of oil The dial is inteorally forned through muttiple processes as well as a stylish silicone strap in a contrasting color design we use ingonuity to interpret punk sestheties to you.

    Vivid Details Rich Colors

    Comes with a 1.32-inch displayproviding a richer and smoother viewing experience. The display is a full

    touch screen, the frame is coated with nano oll-proof coating,which prevents fingerprints stains,

    allowing the user to operate the device moresmoothly

    1.32 inch display

    360*360 Pixatsresolution

    386 PPi

    Anti fingeratint

    Al Voice Assistant

    Advance Al algorithms are always on standby.

    listening for your commands and ready to execute them.

    Double-tap to activate the voice assistant and with your voice, ask any question or command

    Play a song

    Call Mr Wang

    What’s the weather like in Shenzhen today?      

    Answer Phone From Your Wrist With Bluetooth Phone Calls

    D11 uses a special 2-in-1Bluetooth call chip with the new RealTek 8763EW platforms.

    improving power efficiency with longer standby capabilities. In situations that make it impossible to use your phone a tap on the watch can either answer or cancet a phone call.

    Creative Contrasting Color Band

    D11 matched with a skin-friendly modified silicone bandwhich makes it comfortable to wear,and resistant to sweats. It is fashionable and goes great with any dress.

    Designed to lead a new fashion trend

    Rotate The Crown,WonderfulOne-touch Access

    Using the dedicated rotary button,you can quickly access the mutiple exquisite watch dial themes specially designed to match the contrasting dosign of the watch An expansive online diat design database will be updated

    regularty with new designs.

    Spice up your daily routine with a new look every day.

    200+ Watch Faces

    Built-in a variety of new watch faces, including a variety of dynamic watch faces

    and the massive cloud watch faces are continuously updated iterativelywhile you can edit your own photos.

    7-day Battery Life Between Charges

    The battery can last for 7 days on standby,but battery lifespan is determined by users. Battery life span is subjected to the frequency of use and user habits. (turning on heart rate monitor sleep monitor

    with about 50 message notifications and 50 incoming calls per day together with the alarm and

    90 mins of exerdise per day will surely drain the battery faster)

    24-Hours Real-time Heart Rate Monitor

    The VP60 gensor petferms 24-hout heart rate monitonng.

    a smarter and moreaccurate healt rate sensor that records alfday static and dvnamic heart rate With uporaded bardware and algorithms

    CEi the sensoris able to socurately monitor heart rate status o! everybody, and continuously track heaith

    imarovements made from exeresing

    Spotlight Conng delsotion

    VP60 heart rate detection sensor

    Ahnry to accurately detect difisent skin tones

    Sleep Pattern Monitor

    Record variety of key sleep indicators,analyze een nuhty cuchne seaoumint

    eep.duration of deep and light sleep.ete.and make suggestions for improvement in time.

    Don’t Get StressedLet’s Relax And Breathe Together!

    Stress Detection

    Constantly stay aware of your stress  status and daily stress trends for botter work-lite balance

     Breathing Exercise  

    Parform1-5 minutes of breathing  exercises at the rhythm shown to quickly  relleve ghysical and roontal stress taums in rea uire

    Mood Monitoring

    Visuslize your emotions which can reflect your emotional changes in real time.

    Female Health

    D11’s health function now inctudes a female health tracking function which can be set to track periods

    via the GloryFit app. The data is synchronized with the watch and provides automatic monthly notifications on period and wellness-related events.

    Security Poriod


    Menstrual Period

    Supports 70 Different Sports

    D11 comes built-in with 70 sports modes such as

    cross-country running mountaineering.

    alpine skiina football efc Ready for those who love sports.

    GPS Movement Track

    Turn on the running function in the APP and the APP will record your next one.

    GPS movement track, accurately record your every step.

    The calorie burn date will be pushed to the watch

    and stored for you to review.

    IP68 Waterproof

    The D11 is IP68 waterproof and can withstand all your daily encounters with water.

    You can wear it while washing and easily cope with sweating during sports or stormy rains.

    Note: Please do not use in sauna,hot water bath.After spraying. plcaso wipo tho water stains dry bofore operating to maintain the service ife of the watch.

    More Useful Features

    We have much more features you might like. Explore them now!

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