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DTF Printer L1800 1390 For Digital 13 Inch Inkjet T-Shirt Printing Machine Heat Transfer Pet Film Shaker 10.3

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Please carefully confirm the voltage and plug appearance!

    110V needs to be used with the free converter

    Printer Accessories Kit:   ① Dongle*1   ② USB*1   ③ roll-stand plate*2   ④ roll-stand shaft*1   ⑤ fixing ring*2   ⑥ bearing*2   ⑦ 2MM hexagon socket handle*1   ⑧ 3MM hexagon socket handle*1   ⑨ M4 hand screw Screw*4   ⑩ USB data cable*1  ⑪power cable*1   ⑫output tray*1

    Configuration list and main technical parameters:

    1. Product name: A3 1390 offset heat transfer machine (sheet/coil dual-use type)

    2. Printhead type: 1390 single head

    3. Ink type: DTF paint ink

    4. Color: 6colors(CMYK WW)

    5. Printing software: 10.3

    6. Voltage: 220V/110V

    7. Size (length * width * height): 74cm*33cm*22cm

    8. Weight: 30 kg

    9. Working environment temperature: 20-28℃

    10. Relative humidity: 65%-75%

    11. Pressing temperature: 160-170℃ cold tear/hot tear

    Advantages of the new version of this printer:

    1. Our printer is upgraded, and the software is upgraded from the original 9.03 to 10.3;

    2. It used to be more troublesome to roll the material, now after the upgrade, the software can be operated directly;

    3. The appearance of the printer is upgraded, more beautiful than the original, and the structure is more reasonable.

    Matters needing attention:

    ① After receiving the printer, if you don’t know how to install it, please contact us, we will send the installation video and installation guide

    ② The printer head contains part of the test liquid. After the installation is completed, please finish the test liquid first (the purpose is to check whether the printer head is in good condition, If the printer head is not good, we will send another one for free)

    ③ If you have any questions, please contact us. Our company has 10 years of printer experience and will be very active in helping you solve it. If it is the cause of the product, we are willing to take responsibility. Please apply for a refund after consultation with us.

    ④ We will cherish your feedback very much, and we will continue to improve ourselves in your feedback to provide customers with more perfect products.

    DTF Printing:

    For detailed instructions, please consult us;

    Leave your email,please. And we will send PDF instructions.

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    Packing & Delivery
    To Better Ensure The Safety Of Your Goods, Professional, Environmentally Friendly, Convenient And Efficient Packaging Services Will Be Provided.
    Company Profile
    Dongguan Supercolor Co.,Ltd, Professional ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer Of Printer Consumable, Which Established On 2007, With The Facilities Located In Dongguan City.
    Our Main Products Include lnk Cartridge, Refill ink, Chip Resetter, Chip Decoder, Ciss And Chip, It Compatible For EPSON For HP For Canon For Roland For Mimaki. We Could Offer Products To You Save 90% Printing Cost And Also Offer Technical Support To Solve Your Print Problem, Choice Supercolor Choose Eco Printing, Choice Supercolor Make Your Business More Easy.

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