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Engine Remote Start Push Start-Stop Button To Start Ignition System Central Locking Keyless Entry Mobile Phone APP


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  • Description

    1. One-key start/stop

    2. Remote control start/stop

    3. Smart handbrake detection

    4. Intelligent oil pump startup detection

    5. Remote trunk open

    6. Remote car search (horn buzzing, blinking indicator lights)

    7. Open door flashing warning function when parking on the roadside

    8. After locking the door, prying the door triggers the alarm prompt function

    9. Remotely unlock/close the lock

    10. PKE keyless comfortable entry function, automatically unlocks the door 1.5-3 meters away from the car, and automatically locks the door 3-5 meters away from the car

    11. PKE induction temporary shutdown function

    12. RFID identification

    13. Anti-theft alarm function (Illegal opening the door, stepping on the foot brake to trigger an alarm prompt)

    14. Engine engine lock function (the vehicle cannot be started in the car after the door is locked)

    15. After starting, step on the foot brake to automatically lock the door, and automatically unlock when the flame is turned off

    16. Start the automatic lock, turn off the lock automatically

    17. Original car horn alarm prompt (can add alarm horn)

    18. Power off memory

    19. Vehicle vibration triggers alarm prompt function

    20. Emergency reset function

    21. Remotely start and turn off the flame in 10 minutes

    22.Controlled by mobile phone Bluetooth APP


    Since the logistics rejects all items with batteries, we can only remove the battery from the remote control. After receiving the packaging, please purchase the remote control battery yourself, we apologize for this! The battery specification is CR2032 button battery.

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