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EYK EFX6 6 Channels Audio Mixer 4 Mono 1 Stereo Sound Mixing Console DC 5V 16 DSP Effects USB Bluetooth Computer Play Recording

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    EYK’s new-style mixer of the year, with a six-channel design, one of which is a stereo mixed channel. In addition to basic functions such as Bluetooth and usb, it also has 16 sound effects and anti-howling functions. This machine only needs DC 5V power supply and can be connected to a power bank, computer, etc. through a USB cable. Therefore, it is suitable for various occasions. Besides the regular stage performances and bar performances, it is also suitable for live broadcast, outdoor and special performance occasions.

    Key Point

    1. 4 Mono MIC/LINE Input, 1 Stereo Input, 1 XLR Output
    2. DC 5V Power Supply
    3. Provides high quality +48V phantom power
    4. Feedback inhibition function designed for small occasions such as family karaoke and friends gathering
    5. Built-in high quality MP3 player with Bluetooth transmission, USB input/output for playback, recording, PC connecting directly
    6. Built-in 16 DSP effects, ECHO and DELAY effect level adjustable
    7. High / Low independent adjustment, Precision Sliding Potentiometer for volume adjust
    8. Mute-button for Main Output
    9. All channels have peak signal indication

    Feedback Inhibition

    Feedback Inhibition for channel 1-4,to some extent,can effectively prevent to the squeak for mic.

    USB Power supply ( DC 5V )

    Computer / Power Adapter / Power bank

    Multi-function MP3

    1. For USB : Playback, Recording
    2. For PC : Playback, Recording
    3. Bluetooth connection : Playback

    USB Computer direct connection

    Connect USB to PC, as audio transmission,play and record the music.More convenient for music production.

    16 DSP effects

    1 Hall 1
    2 Hall 2
    3 Room 1
    4 Room 2
    5 Stage 1
    6 Stage 2
    7 PING PONG Delay
    9 KTV ECHO
    10 PINGPONG Delay
    11 CHORUS 1
    12 CHORUS 2
    13 FLANGE
    14 PHASER
    15 AUTO WAH
    1) Deep for ECHO effect to choose
    2) Delay for REVERB effect to choose

    Channel Sound Adjustment

    1. GAIN Adjustment
    2. High / Low independent adjustment
    3. Effect Adjustment

    More Details

    1. 4 Microphone/Audio Combined Input and 1 Stereo Input
    2. +48V Phantom Power
    3. MUTE button for Main Out
    4. 60mm Precision Sliding Potentiometer

    Product Size

    Width: 277mm (10.8in)
    Length: 265mm (10.4in)
    Height: 75mm (2.9in)

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