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Fitness equipment home gym single station bird strength training exercise equipment comprehensive training device


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    This product does not contain a barbell. Please contact customer service. Thank you! ! !

    This product contains

    Rack×1, barbell clearance table×1, free barbell protection rack×1, card-leg sponge×1, parallel bars×1 pair, barrel training rack×1, bird handle×1, short lever×1, puller ×1, extension chain × 1 pair Gifts: Quick buckle×1, sponge shoulder pad×1, sports gloves×1 pair, leggings strap×1

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    This product does not contain a barbell. Please contact customer service if you need to purchase it. Thank you! ! !

    More than just a better appearance configuration 120KG counterweight, smooth linear bearing, adjustable free bird, Smooth bearing pulley, thickened and thickened steel, active safety protection

    Single machine net weight 315kg 50*70 thickened pipe 5MM thick steel plate 120kg insert counterweight

    In order to improve the robustness and stability of the product, we upgraded the pipe to a 50*70 thickened pipe, and added a 5mm thick steel plate at the 4 corners of the fuselage as reinforcement The designer meticulously strengthened and upgraded the conventional protection device and added auxiliary protection accessories such as anti-release buckles, shock-absorbing springs, etc., so that you can exercise easily while also Ensure the body is safe

    Rope function

    15 levels of adjustable bird, through adjusting the different heights of the bird handle, plus two groups of 60KG self-contained independent rope zone counterweights, complete the upper, middle and lower bird, sitting rowing, high pull, low pull and other training actions.

    Two sets of 60.5KG insert type bird counterweights

    Compared with similar products that require a barbell to be used as a bird and other rope functions, the dedicated counterweight not only saves the time of loading and unloading the barbell, but also has a more accurate weight, which is almost the same as the independent professional bird.

    15-speed adjustable free bird

    According to different training needs, adjusting the height of the bird can complete the upper, middle and lower bird movements, and can also be used with different pull rods to complete training movements such as high and low pulls.

    Independent seated rowing pedal

    Detachable seated rowing function foot pedal professional, precise angle, with bird handle to complete the sitting rowing movement standard natural

    Smith function

    The Smith barbell bar has a solid steel bar with a diameter of 25mm inside and a bold electroplated grip with a diameter of 33mm on the outside. The Smith sliding guide bar is made of solid hard steel with a diameter of 25mm. The sliding sleeve has a built-in imported linear bearing, which is smooth and non-jamming plus five-fold safety. Protective components to ensure that users get safe protection when doing Smith functional training actions

    The configuration that includes the barbell is upgraded to a new environmentally friendly hand-grip barbell rubber raw rubber + forged steel core barbell

    Rubber cushion shock absorber, spring buffer shock absorber, anti-off circlip, 25MM solid steel rod, 5MM steel plate hook. Smith security protection hook multiple protection

    Free barbell

    All configurations are equipped with long and short intervals, which can complete free squats, bench presses and other training actions, which are safe and convenient. The barbell with barrel mount and puller can complete a series of targeted core training

    Comprehensive training

    With different training tools, it can achieve comprehensive functional training such as pull-ups, parallel bars, boxing sandbags, TRX, etc.

    Multi-position pull-up single parallel bar design can complete pull-ups with different grip distances in width, middle and narrow, and can also be hooked in the middle of the main beam Add resistance bands to do pull-up assistance training. The height of the parallel bars can be adjusted to different heights for trainers of different heights to complete standard parallel bar support and other movements.

    Multi-purpose hook

    Can be used for TRX suspension rope, sandbag booster belt and other small tools

    Multifunctional dumbbell bench

    Comprehensive Smith collocation training bench + multi-functional components, can complete incline up, down, You can also perform exercises such as bench press and chest press, leg flexion and extension, dumbbells and other exercises.

    Show details

    High-definition real shot details, good quality you can see

    5MM thick steel plate

    The four corners of the main frame have steel plates up to 5mm thick, not only for beautiful visual effects, but also for pulling and fixing

    Steel plate counterweight protective cover

    The thickened steel plate protective cover with a thickness of 1.5mm can effectively play a safety hazard due to counterweight activities, especially for families with children or pets at home.

    Barbell storage rack

    When exercising, the extra barbell plates that are not needed can be stored separately on the 4 barbell plate storage racks on both sides of the machine for neat storage

    Tool storage hook

    Various small tools that are not in use can be stored on the storage hook of the machine

    It is recommended to contact customer service before buying. Thank you! ! !

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