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Forten Kingdom Car Side Rear View Mirror Folding And Auto Window Closer Open Kit Modeul For Nissan Navara NP300 2016-2019

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    Forten Kingdom Car Auto Window Close Closer & Open Kit Modeul For Nissan Navara NP300 2016-2019


    Static working power:

    DC 12V

    Static working current:

    < 8 mA

    Suitable working temperature:

    Suitable working temperature: -20-80 degree

    Effective ovltage of ACC and Locking signal:


    Output Power for every one window:


    Fit for Nissan Navara NP300 2016-2019

    1.when you place order, please tell me what is your car and year
    2. If the item get into water, we will not guarantee it
    3.Please make sure your driver door have a button for mirror folding,
    if you don’t know, please send me the pictures.

    4.Plug and Play(For some countries in Europe, 2 wires need to be connected.)

    8 Functions:

    Function 1

    Locking car,the window will lift close automatically.

    Remote to press the”LOCK“of original car key 4 Windows are lifted closed .

    Function 2

    Remote to drop the windows.

    The car is locked, Press the “unlock-lock-unlock”,4 windows are droped opened . You can open the window in advance to the car ventilation.

    Function 3

    Key Remote control pauses when window is lifted.

    Press the “unlock” button to pause the window to lift when in an emergency,Protecting passengers from being injured by pinch.

    Function 4

    Remote control pauses when the window drops.

    Press the “lock” of original car key,the window will be suspended in the drop.

    Function 5

    The main driving operation press the button up or down 4 windows.

    Pull up the window button up 0.5 seconds, the window automatically lift to the top,Press the window control button, the window will automatically down to the end.the original car function is not affected.

    Function 6

    4 windows left seam ventilation.

    After engine off,Press the“lock-unlock-lock”, 4 windows will drop about 50px of space to ensure ventilation inside the car.

    Function 7

    Smart second lifting window.

    When the remote drop window ventilation,Press the“lock”key twice, once again lifting window, Good ventilation and cooling function.

    Function 8

    Fold and spread mirror automatically:(If optional)
    Vehicle power off, lock the door, the side mirror will fold automatically; unlock the door the side mirror will spread automatically.

    Package including:

    1 x Power Window Closer, Product Size: 125*85*30MM , 0.5KG
    1 x Wire Harness
    1 x User Manual

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