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Free Shipping Aftermarket Display Key for BMW G Model F Model BMW Keyfob with Display Key fob with Touch Screen

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  • Description

    Aftermarket Display Key with Touch Screen for BMW G Models F Models

    Main Function
    *Security information
    *Central locking
    *Fuel status and estimated range
    *Service requirement
    *Remote control
    *Climate setting
    * Car searching & Location

    Product Information

    2.2 Inch color LCD display
    Display Key Size: 90*55*15 MM

    Packing List

    1X Display key

    1X Main signal mould

    1X GPS Box

    4X Connection cables

    1X Display key charging cable

    Mark: Vary car models may have little difference in packing list


    Why choose Kremersino display key?

    The Kremersino display key

    *has all the functions of original *BMW display key.
    *supports APP control.
    *support both G models and F models(original BMW display key only supports G models now)
    *1:1 same as original display key
    *PKE connection is much more stable on performance

    Application Model Year

    F25 F26 F01 F02 F10 F11 F18 F07

    2017 X3

    2017 X4

    2009–2016/8 7 seriesn

    2009-2017 5 Series

    F20 F22 F35 F30 F32 F33

    2010–2015 1 Series

    2014–2017 2 Series

    2013–2017 3 Series

    2013–2017 4 Series

    F52 F49 F46 F45 F48 F39

    2015–2017 1 Series

    2014–2017 X1

    2014–2017 2 Series

    2014–2017 X2

    F15 F16 F85 F86

    2014–2017 X5

    2014–2017 X6

    2017 X5M

    2017 X6M

    G30 G38 G12 G11 G31

    2016–2017 5 Series

    2016–2017 7 Series

    F54 F55 F56

    2014–2017 MINI

    R56 R57

    2009–2014 MINI

    Does the display fits E models?

    We and our customers had install it on some E models as follows,

    E60 E90 E84 E70 E71

    Old 5 Series

    Old 3 Series

    2009–2015 X1

    2009–2014 X5

    2009–2014 X6

    Due to the E models are equipped with more complex electronic system, during the installation will be NEED VERY PROFESSIONAL knowledge and skill. we recommend individual customer not consider it.

    What should I know if I want to buy this display key

    1, please check whether there is 2G network at your country/area.
    With 2G networks, you can remote control your car via display/ phone APP at any place with 2G network signal.
    Without 2G networks, you can ONLY use display key control the car at a distance around 25 meters from car location.
    2, You need to prepare 2 pieces of 2G SIM card wihich will be put in device.
    3, All cables and device are plug and play, but you should know how to remove some panels, and harness cable from original car. I


    1, all harness cables and devices are plug and play, but customer MUST have the ability to remove some original car panels&cables. Some some car models, you need to unplug and plug some adapters from car BDC/FEM.
    2, Installation manual and video is available.

    Brand Story

    Base in Shenzhen, Kremersino is a group company who is focusing on designing, developing, and producing vary kinds of products for auto aftermarket. Beside factory, we also have own garage working at forefront in Chinese first level city. Benefit from fast developing Chinese market, and new car models releasing time,we have first hand experience and news at industry.
    Most important, we thank you very much our dear customers, both domestic and oversea ones, without you, there is no Kremersino exist.

    What we can offer is top quality part, best service, and our sincerely heart. It’s not a slogan but our actions.

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