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free shipping best selling Starvac SP2 vacuum slimming machine/Electric breast enlargement breast massage machine

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    best selling Starvac SP2 vacuum slimming machine/Electric breast enlargement breast massage machine 


     Feature:  Breast Enhancement&Weight Loss
     Technology:  Vacuum
     Treatment program:  Beauty and body care
     Treatment area:  Face, neck, arm, hand,belly,hip   thigh,leg,foot
     Power:  50w
     Voltage  110/220
     Warranty  1 Year
     Application  Home Use
     Certificate  CE RoHS


    What Features of our  Starvac SP2 vacuum therapy machine?
    1. help to lose weight, shape the contours of models


    2. increase muscle activity


    3. improves skin tone and accelerates its toxins


    4. speeds up the elimination of toxins


    5. has a major anti-stress effect


    6. a massage on the machine replaces 4 hand massage


    What therapeutic effects of our Starvac SP2 vacuum therapy machine?

    For skin : tightens, restores elasticity, stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates, tones and nourishes, softens scar tissue, helps to eliminate stretch marks. 

    For muscle tissue : an energetic massage is effective after exercise, helps to relieve fatigue and pain, relieves muscle spasms, stimulates circulation. 

    Total impact : toxins, is effective in the treatment of cellulite (up to third stage), gets rid of the “full” places (breeches, sides), relieves swelling, accelerates resorption of hematomas, stimulates lymphatic flow, improves and strengthens the body contours.


    What Principle of our Starvac SP2 vacuum therapy machine?

    Excellent when treating cellulite and reducing fat accumulations



    Mechanical vacuum massage affects fat cells, connective tissue, vascular and lymphatic system more efficiently than any other manual massage. By applying suction, the cells of fat tissue get disrupted and are subsequently washed away through the lymphatic system.

    The treatment is rather pleasant and the application is based on individual sensitivity and skin condition. The skin is sucked under pressure into two little moving rollers. .

    The duration of the treatment of one body part varies from 20 to 40 minutes. It is recommendable to subsequently apply a special body wrap and finalising treatment in the form of mechanical lymphatic drainage (Pneuven).

    This device can be applied widely thanks to its system of exchangeable suction heads and flasks. Its range of application includes removal of bags under the eyes, double chin, strengthening of deflated skin.

    As a result, your skin will be softer, tighter and more flexible, cellulite will be reduced, liposuction-related bumps and adhesions smoothened, your body will be reshaped and body volume will be reduced.




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