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Game Box Beelink Super Console X King S922X WiFi 6 Video Game Consoles For SS/PSP/N64/DC With 49000+ Games Retro Mini TV Box

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  • Description

    ▪ Notice

    King’s EMUELEC 4.3 version, the Spanish warehouse, and the French warehouse are all EMUELEC 4.2 versions, if you mind, please take the delivery from China

    ▪ Main Features

    1. Ultimate Super Console, three systems in one, TV9.0 + EmuELEC 4.3 + CoreELEC;
    2. EmuELEC4.3 system can perfectly run SS/N64/DC/PSP and other simulators. Equipped with 64G/128G/256G card, pre-installed 33000+/40000+/49000+ games, including massive 3D games, can run SS very smoothly, PS1 has higher playback magnification, fresher picture, plug and play.
    3. The CoreELEC audiovisual system can smoothly play 4K HDR ultra-definition videos to satisfy your visual experience.
    4. Original Android TV 9, YouTube, Google Play, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Plex, Emby, etc.
    5. Six-core S922X, the strongest Amlogic CPU, runs smoother;
    6. Adopt 802.11 ax 2.4G+5.8G dual-band WiFi 6. Gigabit Ethernet, faster speed, lower latency and better performance;
    7. Supports up to 5 player games, allowing you and your children to be intimate and experience the fun of the game!

    ▪ Three Systems All in One

    Super Console X King is a powerful video game console, Ultimate Super Console, Three Systems All in One,TV9.0 + EmuELEC 4.3 + CoreELEC.

    ▪ High-performance Hexa-core S922X

    Super Console X King uses the most powerful Amlogic S922X six-core SoC, including quad-core Cortex-A73 and dual-core Cortex-A53 processors. The high-performance chip provides you with ultra-fast running speed and smooth image processing performance. At the same time, it runs fast and smoothly and has excellent heat dissipation. launching games do not require a lot of time to load. Because the fun can’t wait!

    ▪ Small but Powerful

    4GB LPDDR4+64GB eMMC, powerful performance, can play high-definition video smoothly, and easily run various games; There is an 8GB micro SD card with CoreELEC system in the box. After inserting the micro SD card, you can switch between Android and CoreELEC systems by pressing and holding the power button. Unplug the 8GB card and insert the game card to enter the EmuELEC game system.

    ▪ 2.4G + 5G Wi-Fi 6 w/ Bluetooth 4.1

    Super Console X King adopts 802.11 ax 2.4G + 5.8G dual-band WiFi 6, Gigabit Ethernet. WiFi signal and transmission speed is stronger, LAN 1000Mbps, latency is lower, and performance is stronger.

    ▪ Built-in 49000+ Games

    EmuELEC4.3 system can perfectly run 50+ emulators such as SS/N64/DC/PSP. Equipped with 64G/128G/256G card, pre-installed 47000+/50000+/61000+ games, including massive 3D games, SS can run very smoothly, PS1 playback rate is higher, the picture quality is fresher, plug and play.

    ▪ Android TV 9 Pie

    The original Android TV 9 runs smoothly and fast and is compatible with various software, such as YouTube, Google Play, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Plex, Emby, etc.

    ▪ CoreELEC System, Support UHD Video

    HD 2.1 output, support 4K ultra-high-definition high-definition display, the picture is very expressive. The 4K ultra-high-definition display makes the game screen display more perfect, and the video viewing effect and game effect are perfect. CoreELEC System can smoothly play high-definition videos, download massive resources from the Internet, store massive movies and applications.

    ▪ Provide Multiple Languages

    The latest generation of game consoles can be used by global buyers and designed in multiple languages. The system supports English, French, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Japanese. Give you a more comfortable and familiar gaming experience! Upgrade your gaming experience to the limit!

    ▪ Support Multiplayer Games

    Equipped with two wireless controllers, you can enjoy the game with friends and family at any time.

    ▪ Interface Introduction

    ▪ Packing List

    1 x Super console x king
    N x Wireless Gamepad
    1 x Remote
    2 x TF Card
    1 x HD Cable
    1 x Power Adapter
    1 x User Manual

    Note: The number of Gamepad and the size of the TF card are shipped according to the package you choose~

    ▪ Good Quality and Good Service

    Choose SmeshMega.com Standard Shipping, you can enjoy the benefits:
    Only our products carry the Free Return logo, and the following 16 countries can enjoy free refunds for no reason.

    ▪ Q&A

    1. When will my order be shipped?
    It will be sent to you within 1-3 working days after your order is approved.

    2. Does this video game console support downloading of your favorite games?
    Super console x king uses an open-source Linux system and supports the addition of games separately, up to 80,000 games can be added. If you want to get a method to download the game, please contact customer service.

    3. Does the game console support changing the resolution?
    Dear friends, Super console x king does not need to change the resolution. Please do not force the resolution to be changed. The resolution will automatically adapt to your display.

    4. Can I save the game?
    Dear friends! Super console x king supports saving game progress!


    Kinhank’s latest video game console super console x max, EmuELEC 4.2 + CoreELEC + TV9.0 three systems, 4G RAM, can perfectly run SS/N64/DC/PSP and other emulators, 33000/41000/50000 games have been pre-installed, can smoothly play 4K HDR ultra-clear video, Original Android TV 9 and so on, let you quickly recall and enjoy the fun of childhood games!

    Super console pc mini is not only a computer with win 11 system but also a game console with more than 61,000 games built-in. It is a dual system, the win 11 version system has been permanently activated, it supports more than 100 emulators and game collections, including at least 5,000 3D games. It can run SS, WII, PS2, DC, PSP, perfectly, Compared with other consoles, the super console PC mini is your first choice.

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