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Gasoline Concrete Ground Troweling Machine Floor Cement Pavement Close up Compaction Pulping Smoothing Machine Polisher Tools

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    Product Parameters

    Model: MGJ

    Weight: 130kg

    Size: 100*100*100cm

    Rated speed: 3200r/min

    Gearbox: thick aluminum alloy maintenance free

    Walking wheel: equipped with walking wheel

    Bearing torque: 300KG

    installation steps:

    1. To facilitate the installation of the throttle cable, first remove the air filter.

    2. Loosen the screw in the circle and pass the throttle cable through, then tighten the screw to fix it.

    3. After loosening the screws in the circle, pass the throttle cable through, adjust the tightness and fix it.

    4. After the throttle cable is installed, install the air filter.

    5. Flameout wire: Disassemble the wires in the circle, and then protect the bracket: unscrew the screws in the ring and connect the flameout wire.

    6. Shield bracket: unscrew the screws in the circle, then install the bracket and tighten the screws.

    7. Clutch wheel: Put the ring center shaft on, otherwise it will cause friction with the machine.

    8. Finally, the clutch wheel is installed, and the main part of the gasoline engine is installed.

    9. Adding steam engine oil: The position in the circle is the oil filling port and 600ML steam engine oil needs to be added after installation.

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