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HAIRCUBE Anti-hair Loss Spray Fast Hair Growth Product for Men Women Nourish Root Essential Oil Liquid Hair Regeneration Repair

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  • Description

    HAIRCUBE Anti-hair Loss Spray Fast Hair Growth Products For Men Women Nourish Root Thick Shiny Essential Oil Liquid Dry Hair Reg

    Twice a day, in order to achieve the best results, please use 1 milliliter spray about 4 -5 spray), directly used in the less hair, no hair part of the scalp, help hair growth; increase the number of use or use can not bring better use effect; according to the instructions, each bottle can be used for at least 25-30 days, can effectively reduce hair loss and hair loss.

    Use Guide :
    Twice a day, usually in the morning and at night, at intervals of more than 6 hours each time.Be sure to use it when your hair and scalp are completely dry
    1. In the sparse area of the hair, divide the hair into one or more rows, as far as possible to see the maximum extent of the scalp.
    2. Shake the bottle a few times, press and spray directly on the hair root.
    3. Gently massage and infiltrate the scalp with your fingers, and then wash thoroughly Hands.
    At night, be sure to follow the above steps and use it correctly. Make sure you have enough time to dry completely before going to bed.

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