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High End Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Presbyopia hyperopic Reading Eyeglasses See Near Far Eyewear Women Men Reader

From R495.10
  • Eye Prescription:

  • Frame Color:

120 in stock

  • Description

    this is TR90 plastic frame with aluminum temples. very light. the shap is unisex.

    we can do any degree,We have many years of experience in optometry and we also have relevant qualifications,our lens all resin cr39 high quality optics lens. without cylinder degree (astigmatism degree).the degree can be up ±3.00,ADD+1.00 to +3.00., up not only + for see near. . – Myopia for far also ok.  but must less ±3.00, ADD must more than +1.0 and Less than +3.0. this is very important.if you have cylinder degree or out of this range. you need do customized . please contact with us first.

    many buyer don’t know how to choose diopter or how to order. it. check this video. you will get some help


    outside blue inside grey C3






    During the trial-wearing process of prescription glasses, it takes about a week to adapt. Some discomforts that begin to appear are normal, such as dizziness, eye swelling, distortion, etc. These symptoms usually disappear within two days. Anyone who wears glasses knows it. If you still cannot adapt within a week. Please contact our customer service. But it must be worn so that the eyes can adapt to the new frame.


    Our company has a stable production supply chain and we have provided service for a very long time. Now we are  looking for the people who have the following coditions to cooperate.

    First, optometrists and ophthalmologists. We have been engaged in online optician custom service for seven years. We can have the lowest cost for the mass production. The ophthalmologist can get the correct prescription for the customers. Thus, customers can get the good products with a low price. You can directly share our store link to the customers, or you can also use our pictures to build a shop. In this way, you can get an extra income while you work.

    Second, if you are the people who is the first to run a online store and don’t want to invest too much, then you can use our pics and after you have the orders, you can buy from us and we will send it to you or your customers.

    3. If you are the Internet celebrities, you can contact us and help us promote our products. We can provide you a commission based on the turnover. We have a lot of good products and new glasses craftsmanship and materials. For example, the third-generation solid wood craft, solid wood sunglasses, polarized myopia sunglasses, horns myopia glasses, reading glasses, titanium frame business glasses and denim material glasses. Many original processes are patented.

    As long as you have one of the above conditions, it is easy to bring you profits. Follow us and focus on new wealth.

    Http: www.shinueyewear.com

    What’app: +8618058868135

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