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HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation) 2021 Version Stylus for MatePad Pro 12.6 Capacitive Pen MatePad Pro 10.8 Touch Pen Long Battery

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    Suitable with HUAWEI MatePad Pro 10.8 / 12.6 inch Tablet PC Series running HarmonyOS 2 or later

    HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation)

    *This product is compatible with HUAWEI MatePad Pro and HUAWEI MatePad running HarmonyOS 2 or later (not including MatePad T and MediaPad).

    Innovative Design for the Creative Mind

    The HUAWEI M-Pencil combines transparent tip design, platinum-coated nib and advanced technology for a natural writing and drawing experience. The rounded hexagon-shaped design has been improved to give you a more comfortable grip. And the anti-fingerprint finish keeps the surface looking clean and nice.

    Your Best Ideas Brought to Life

    HUAWEI M-Pencil lets you bring your imagination to life. With 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt sensitivity, you can draw and write with greater control to fully show your style and create shading like a professional. Let your ideas flow with the pencil thanks to the low latency

    Double-Tap,Tools Switched

    Designed to make HUAWEI M-Pencil an even more convenient tool. You can switch between brush and eraser simply by tapping your finger on the sensing area of HUAWEI M-Pencil twice.Charge Like a Charm

    Attach the HUAWEI M-Pencil to your tablet magnetically to pair and charge wirelessly. When fully charged, it will last for 10 hours. Put down the HUAWEI M-Pencil on the top of your tablet for 30 seconds, and you can draw and write for 10 minutes more

    1. HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation) includes 2 replaceable tips in its product packaging.
    2. Pressure and tilt sensitivity is only supported by certain apps. Actual performance may vary depending on the apps and writing style, etc.
    3. This feature is only supported by certain apps. Actual performance may vary when using different apps.
    4. This feature is only supported by certain apps. Actual performance may vary. The default setting is switching between brush and eraser. You can also change the setting to switch to other drawing tools.
    5. Only certain HUAWEI tablets support automatic pairing, magnetic attaching and wireless charging. For other models, you need a HUAWEI M-Pencil Charger for pairing and charging.
    6. The data is based on HUAWEI lab results. Actual data may vary due to individual differences, user habits and environmental factors.

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