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    Smart Eyewear is the New Fashion
    An innovative type of wearable device is created for a new lifestyle of smart living. More than a hot fashion item, HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II accompanies you every day and facilitates your communications in the hustle and bustle of city life.

    The Debut Collection
    Combining the trendy design of GENTLE MONSTER and intelligent technology of HUAWEI, this eyewear provides you an extraordinary visual and wearing experience unlike any other. A versatile selection, satisfies your imaginations in different occasions.

    Intelligent Ear Detection
    With three built-in captive sensors, HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II can sense when they’re in your ears, and automatically pause when you take them out. Enjoy every beat,
    Vibration sensor
    Press sensor
    Sliding sensor

    Only you can listen
    Dual speakers and semi-open design let you immerse in the vibrant and layered sound field and embrace the impressive audio clarity. The unique audio cavity fosters directional sound beams, minimising sound leaks to protect your privacy

    Smart Control, Delicate Care
    Wearing it at different time, you will be offered with humanized greetings. Answer or end calls, play or pause playbacks with a simple double-tap. Built-in sophisticated sensors team up for the automatic audio control. It will pause music once you put it down or resume playback in 3 min after you put it on.

    Bluetooth 5.2
    Follows Your Every Step
    Stay mobile with a smooth and reliable Bluetooth 5.2 connection, and keep the music playing, even when you get up to get a cup of coffee or jog outdoors with your phone

    190ms Low Latency
    When you are in the heat of battle, even 0.01 seconds can turn the tide,system-level channel optimization, and latency low as 88ms. When you fire weapons or make a killing move, there’s almost no delay between action and audio. You will also instantly know when and where you are being attacked, giving you more time to dodge. Enjoy ultimate gaming fun, with visual, audio and action all in full sync.

    Built for flexibility
    With an IP54 rating , HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II are safe from splashes so you can stay focused on your active life.

    According to YOUR Style to Choose YOUR Eyewear.

    Bluetooth Name


    Bluetooth Compatibility

    Bluetooth 5.2


    The two silicon microphones on the main frame temple support voice call uplink noise reduction.

    Water and Dust Resistance Level

    IP54 rated

    *This product is not professional waterproof eyewear. The anti-splash, waterproof, and dustproof features are not permanently valid and may deteriorate due to daily wear and tear.


    Operating temperature: 0 °C to 35 °C

    Charging temperature: 0 °C to 35 °C

    Storage temperature: –20 °C to +45 °C

    Eyewear Battery

    85 mAh (typical)

    Type: lithium polymer battery

    *Typical value. Actual capacity may vary slightly.

    This capacity is the nominal battery capacity. The actual battery capacity for each individual phone may be slightly above or below the nominal battery capacity.


    There is one dynamic driver unit (speaker model: 0825) on the left and right respectively.


    Music playback duration: up to 5 hours

    Voice call duration: up to 3.5 hours

    *The preceding data comes from lab testing. The battery life may vary in real-world conditions.

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