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Hubsan ACE SE R REFINED GPS Drone With 4K HD Camera 9KM WIFI 3-axis Gimbal Brushless Quadcopter Professional FPV RC Dron Vs Fimi

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    Hubsan ACE SE REFINED Drone With Camera 9KM WIFI GPS EIS 3-axis Anti-Shake Gimbal FPV Brushless Quadcopter Professional RC Dron

    Take off weight:600g
    Maximum take-off:5000 meters altitude
    Battery Category:4S Li-PO battery
    Battery Capacity:3200Mah
    Charging time:120 minutes
    Sensor:1/2.6 CMOS,12 million effective pixels
    Video resolution
    Support memory card type:microSD,U3 or Class10 (16G/32G/64G/128G)


    Keeping Forward

    Beginner will concern these 12 points when buy a camera drone.

    Brushless motor
    Brushless motor has better efficiency and life
    Smart battery
    Without smart battery would you let go of the drone to fly further?
    Three- axis brushless gimbal
    The drone will take very distort pictures without three axis stabilized gimbal.
    Digital image transmission
    Digital image transmission has a better anti-interference ability than WIFI image transmission.
    Optical TlOW
    Optical flow is a necessary condition to fly indoor.
    Image sensor
    Big CMOS wins all
    The longer the battery life,the better
    it’s really not fun to land when just after taking off.
    Wind resistance
    You know how it worries when the wind blows the lttle thing.
    Intelligent function
    More intelligent functions brings more wonderful works, which especially friendly to novice.
    Cost performance
    Drone’s cost effective always is bonus point.It’ S not make sense to persuit function the function and ignore the price.
    No false propaganda
    Someone says”Yes! Only need to spend $40 to get a aircraft, it can fly 8km and 50minuts duration.” Would you please belive thing?”
    After-sale guarantee
    Objectively, the drone easily crashed for a beginner. In this case only the good after-sale services can reduce your lose.

    When Talking about Free Flight Time

    only Hubsan did it!
    Cruise for 31 minutes (measured in windless condition at 25Km/h)
    Hovering for 30 minutes (measured by hoveringat 2~4m altitude of under normal temperature and windless conditions)

    Third Generation Smart Battery

    Warranty for 1 year and our two batteries equal to other three battery.4S smart lithium battery, 3200mAh capacity,higher energy density, safer and more efficient output!

    No Bulging, No Virtual Electricity

    Do you know what virtual electricity means for a flight?

    Digital Image Transmission

    Still using WIFI transmission?
    ACE SE Refined adopts Hubsan Syncreas 2.0 digital image transmission,Easy to use, long and stable transmission distance, strong anti-interference

    9km Transmission Distance!

    Hubsan 4K Image

    1/2. 6 inch image sensor
    4K30 frame video shooting
    100Msbp video bit rate

    ACESE Refined Really worthy of the entry-level travel artifact!

    Post your Creation Work on Tik Tok, Youtube,Facebook Now

    Three- axis stabilized Gimbal

    Fluent camera movement rival the movie effect Not all three-axis are called ‘gimbal’

    Intelligent mode

    Panoramic Photography

    Portrait Mode & Upward Vision Mode following short video trends,A different angle will shock your eres.



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