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Hyperspin Protable 4T/8T/12T External Game Hard Drive Disk With100000+Games For PS4/PS3/PS2/SS/Wiiu/Wii/N64/DC For Win 7/8/10/11

From R2406.77
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    Looking to re-live your youth? or just want to get stuck into some retro gaming?
    Hyperspin offers the best arcade frontend & we have pre-configured it for you with all media, emulators & ROMs so that it’s ready to plug & play!

    Highly recommend for you!

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    Convenient game front end

    No need to restart can be used in windows, there are a large number of games that can support

    420+ game emulators!More than 100,000+ games!

    The computer becomes a retro game console in seconds. Support 420+ game emulators, perfectly adapted to PS4/PS3/PS2/Wiiu/Wii/Game Cube/N64/Sega Saturn, etc.
    Note:You can contact our online customer service to get the game list of related products

    100% Plug and Play

    The system is 100% Plug-and-Play, just a brief installation is necessary through a wizard setup.

    Over 100000+games,including 6700+3D games

    Hyperspin hard drive contains 100,000+ games, including 6300+3D games. Classic retro games, arcade games, all the games you want are here!

    Supported Windows 7 and above system

    Old computers turn into game consoles in seconds
    The smooth running of the game depends on your computer configuration.
    If you want to run PS3/PS2/PS4 and other 3D games smoothly
    It is recommended to use a CPU above I5 and a discrete gracrete graphics card above 1050ti

    The old computer becomes a game console in seconds

    hyperspin is fully compatible with WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 system

    Aspect ratio adaptive

    Hyperspin automatically adapts different aspect ratio of your TV or monitor, and take advantage of a full screen gaming experience.

    Smooth operation interface

    Hyperspin’s intuitive and smooth operation interface is very beautiful and easy for you to find games

    The latest MAME V0.230

    In the MAME emulator in HyperSpin, it is easy to find many emulators for other arcade and home console systems. The tool will use real arcade game controls and provide simple menu navigation in your arcade cabinet. It will also hide your standard Windows desktop and provide you with a real arcade environment, very suitable for making your own arcade cabinet.

    Compatible with a variety of handles

    If you want the smoothest experience in the controller, we strongly recommend an Xbox-based controller. We have set up an Xbox controller for you, and the system supports multiple styles of Xbox solution controllers. Otherwise, you may need to reconfigure the controller used for this, don’t worry! This is explained in detail in our user manual.

    Choose the hard drive that is more suitable for you

    Product list:
    1*Data cable
    1*Power supply

    Free Returns!Pre-sale + after-sales service

    If you have any questions during and after the purchase, please contact us and we will actively solve it for you.
    Choose SmeshMega.com standard logistics, the following 24 countries/regions can enjoy unconditional free refunds.
    Russia, the United States, Spain, France, Brazil, the Netherlands, Israel, Poland, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Chile, Ukraine, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal.

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