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Inflatable Hot Yoga Dome Portable Home Yoga Studio Hot Air Bubble Tent Personal Hot Yoga Equipment for Indoor &Outdoor Exercise

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    Inflatable Hot Yoga Dome Tent Portable Lightweight Easy Set Up Home Yoga Studio Hot Air Bubble Tent Personal Hot Yoga Equipment for Indoor & Outdoor Exercise (Fits One or Two People, White)

    Your personal hot yoga studio.

    Imagine having access to kickass yoga classes 24/7 – and the ability to make them as hot and sweaty as you want ’em.

    This is what the EJIA offers. A roomy, yet completely home-practice-friendly studio.


    • ☀Easy to Use, Enjoy Hot Yoga Anytime, Anywhere: Use our portable Yoga tent / dome, whether at home or outside the yard. It feels like you can create a calm and soothing space in your yoga studio to really release the heat. This dome is very suitable for yoga classes for 1-2 people.

    • ☀Rapid Inflation, Deflation and Rapid Construction: After plugging in the power supply, you can have your own yoga studio in only 60 seconds. After inflation, heat for 10-15 minutes to meet the temperature requirements of hot yoga (Please note: the heater needs to be purchased separately). After use, the bleeding takes only 5 minutes, less than 10 minutes.

    • ☀Unique Transparent Window Design: Our hot yoga tent / dome adopts a unique transparent window design. When you use it indoors, you can watch Yoga Videos outside the tent, and when you use it outdoors, you can see the scenery in the yard. Good light and beautiful scenery can let you quickly enter the meditation state of Yoga and really release heat.

    • ☀Environmentally Friendly Materials, Tasteless and Non-toxic: Our hot yoga tent / dome is 100% made of environmentally friendly materials through special processes. The windows of the tent are made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which can clearly see the outside landscape. Other parts are made of durable recycled fiber. The whole tent is completely free of plastic smell, completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

    • ☀Buy It Now and Have a Complete Set of Products. After purchase, you will get: a hot yoga tent / dome, a portable bag, a built-in blower, 4 nails, 4 ropes and several repair materials. Please note: heater, sauna pot and yoga mat need to be purchased separately.

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