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IP PTZ Keyboard Camera Portable Controller Professional RS484 RS422 HDMI USB DC12V for Live Broadcast Conference Security 5 inch

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  • Description

     KBD1000 control keyboard is a powerful multi-function network three-dimensional operation keyboard, easy to operate, plug and play,     without any settings

    Powerful hard decoding function, the industry is the first to achieve unlimited IP dome access, suitable for large-scale Safe city project

    Supports 5.0″ LED LCD high-definition real-time display; supports HDMI output function, realizes synchronous switching between the main Screen of the console and the control device screen (with matrix switching function), reduces engineering installation costs.

    Supports ONVIF2.4 standard, and the back-end PTZ does not Limited by the manufacturer, wide compatibility

    Can realize PTZ cruise, A-B scanning, 360°, pattern scanning and other functions


    1. Support ONVIF2.4, the back-end PTZ is not restricted by the manufacturer, and easily realize PTZ cruise, A-B, pattern scanning and other functions;

    2. Plug and play, without any settings, the keyboard automatically adds and assigns an IP address;

    3. Standard three-dimensional control, support 1-64 level speed limit function, precise positioning, sensitive control;

    4. Support Chinese and English language switching;

    5. Support USB, HDMI interface output, can realize arbitrary switching of the main screen of the console; (with matrix switching function)

    6. Support 5.0″ LED high-definition LCD display, control device image real-time display

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