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ISDG Whitening Tablets Collagen Whiten Lighten Skin Smooth Wrinkles Clear Specks Improve Structure Health Supplement 60 tablets

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  • Description

    【ISDG Whitening Tables】

    【Origin】 Japan

    【Function】Improve the Structure of Skin. Supplement to Whiten Skin, Lighten Specks and Smooth wrinkles by replenish plenty of collagen

    【Direction】2 tablets daily with warm water

    【Capacity】60 tablets

    【Expiration Date】2023(keep update)

    -Collagen Peptide
    Improve the role of amino acids, promote human metabolism.replenish collagen, restore skin elasticity and firmness
    Promote collagen synthesis, refine pores, and decompose melanin
    -Coix seed powder
    improve rough skin

    -Water-soluble pearl powder

    detoxify and regenerate skin, promote skin collagen cell regeneration

    -Cantaloupe extract + citrus extract

    enhance skin sun protection

    -Rosemary leaf extract—–repair after sun

    -Indian Gina Tree Extract—–Antioxidant, Reduce Melanin Formation

    【Who can take】Teenager, Adult, Mid-age

    【Safety Information】

    1.If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, please consult with your physician before use.
    2.More Water and exercise during taking this product will be better.
    3.No coffee or tea during taking this product .
    4.Nutrients in our products will take effect in a short time. But due to individual situation, the time will be varied from 2 weeks to 3 months. Generally 3 packs is a treatment course so it is recommended to keep taking for 3 months to make better result.

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