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ISUDAR Car DSP Amplifier With factory Cable for Toyota/Corolla/Prius/Camry/RAV4/BYD/F3 4CH to 6ch Subwoofer RCA Output Audio USB

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  • Description

    Whole Car Audio System Upgrade

    Upgrade speakers, add the subwoofer, adjust the whole car audio system through DSP amplifier.
    Increase output power, enhance stereo sound and sense of space.

    With The Cable Which Fits for Toyota/Corolla/Prius/Camry/RAV4/BYD/F3 Cable

    Before order, please check your car radio connector, and confirm if it fits for your car.
    If you can’t make sure, please contact with us.

    Before order the DSP:

    Before order, please check your car radio connector, and confirm if it fits for your car.
    If you can’t make sure, please contact with us.

    Intelligent and Visual- DSP Amplifier

    Different as traditional ampliifiers, DSP amplifier not just can amplify sound signal, and it can support visual adjustment, becoming more intelligent. Without complex traditional knobs, every driver with DSP amplifier can be a professional tuner to enjoy the most desired auditory feast anytime and anywhere.

    Original: No layering and field effect, DSP: Stereo surround,swim in the ocean of music

    Original: Blurred details and weak bass, DSP: Clean treble and powerful bass, real Hifi level

    Original: No or difficult to adjust, DSP: User-friendly operation, easy to adjust

    Beautiful Sound, Carefully Crafted

    Double TDA 8920: 4*110 W RMS @ 4 Ohm
    Class-D Power Amplifier, Lower heat generation, more suitable for bass

    10 Minutes With Plug in Play

    Included special ISO cable already, No need to break original cable.

    Part 1: Hareware installation

    1. Take out radio, disconnect original connector
    2. Both ends on DSP cable, one connect to radio, another connect to car socket
    3. Connect white plug to DSP box
    4. Lay out all cables, then take DSP box into car glove box

    Part 2: Software Installation and Adjustment

    1. Installation ISUDAR app into mobile and turn on, then play car music;
    2. Click “Auto EQ” in the setting of App, accord to the tip and take your mobile in a suitable place;
    3. Wait “Auto adjust” end, click ” Save” to save

    User Friendly Operation

    Support IOS/Android Mobile Control
    Support Windows PC Control
    Support Android Car DVD Control

    Channels Response Delay

    Support delay adjustment of each channel
    Control the reached time for sound, improve surround sound

    Filters Adjustment Supporting

    Frequency High pass and Low pass
    Slope adjustment
    Better layering of sound

    31-Band EQ Ajustment

    Each channel can be adjusted directly
    The curves and values are displayed intuitively
    Support EQ automatic adjustment

    Bluetooth Music Playback

    Built-in Bluetooth, mobile audio input directly
    U-Disk plug-in-play, with IR or remote control

    Input & Output Detail

    A variety of input and output interfaces, bring more and more fun music experience

    Accessories Details

    With special ISO cable, when you order, please let us know your car model, we will send you the cable which fits for your car. Otherwise, we can only give you the universal cable.

    Mobile Tuning

    You can download ISUDAR DSP APP
    on Google or Apple Store

    Computer Tuning

    The adjustment of Computer areas

    A:31-Band EQ adjustment Visually adjust the Frequency, Gain, and Q value of each channel.you can adjust the channel lines as you like.

    B: Status and common setup WIFI & USB connect, Main volume, Input source, High level mix-in.

    C: High and low cut filter Highpass is to cut off the frequency that are lower the setup value and pass the frequency that are higher than the setup value.
    Lowpass is to cut off the frequency that are higer than the setup value and pass the frequency that are lower than the setup value. When install the subwoofer,you can cut treble and alto off, let bass input subwoofer. It also can suit for original car speaker, but based on the actual situation at that time.

    D: Control Area Reset, Importing files, Input volume etc.

    E:Channel adjustment Single channel adjustment include Gain adjustment,
    Positive and negative phase, Delay. Let you creat a best hearing position .

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