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K1 Dash Cam WIFI Wireless Carplay & Android Auto 1440P 3 Cameras Rearview Mirror GPS Navigation BT Car DVR Video FM Transmission

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    One-year warranty: within one year of purchasing the product, if there is any non-human damage failure, please contact customer service, we will provide you with the most complete after-sales service. You can send item for repairing within 1 year after receipt. Shipping cost on buyer side.

    2022 Latest Upgrade, OBPEAK DVR camera with Carplay & Android Auto function

    Note: Android Auto is only available with Android version 10 or above, and for Huawei phones do not support Android Auto.

    Latest Carplay and Android Auto Features

        The OBDPEAK K1 recorder uses the latest technology, supports Carplay and Android Auto functions, users can easily and safely make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, use navigation, support Siri, and more. (Wireless Connections, via BT or WiFi) (Huawei phones do not support Android Auto)

    Front 1440P + Inside 1080P + Rear 1080P Record

    3 split screen design to switch front and rearview, built-in recording, big screen and clearly and ersily to check rear view. And you can choose a different screen viewing mode, front and rear view, car inside and front view. The three cameras record video simultaneously.

    New Upgrade: Detachable Front Camera

        The front camera can be installed on the DVR, and it can also be detached and placed where you want (for example, pasted on the windshield, the cable length is about 40 cm).

    After connecting the mobile phone through Carplay and Android Auto, the DVR can realize the navigation function, and you can directly wake up the voice assistant and say your destination, it will help you plan your route, which is more convenient and safe for your drive.

    After connecting the mobile phone through Carplay and Android Auto, users can make calls easily and securely, whether it’s making a call, or answering a call, the voice assistant will help you do it, which is more convenient and safe.

    GPS Tracking

        After connecting the GPS module, the DVR will display the speed, and record the speed, coordinates, and track. Dedicated player, more detailed playback display. You can view your speed, coordinates, track in detail. (need to purchase GPS antenna version)

    In-app video download & real-time viewing

    You can control the DVR by connected mobile phone via WiFi, like recording video, the file recorded video from the overwriting, taking photo, playback preview, parameter settings, etc.

    Five Display Modes

    1. Full screen display front/middle/rear camera, 
    2. Display two cameras at the same time, 1:1 display, 
    3. Display 3 cameras at the same time, 1:1:1 display, 
    4. After connecting Carplay or Android Auto, the APP will be displayed in full screen, 
    5. After connecting Carplay or Android Auto, APP + camera, 1:1 display.

    FM Connection

    When this car dvr sets up the same FM frequency as car radio (eg.88.0), dvr will output the audio via FM transmitter function to your car speaker.

    Real-time Display Reverse Parking view

    Smart rear view angle switch between driving and parking. You could see all further vehicles and objects clearly behind. you while real-time driving and it will switch the rear view camera automatically to give a closer backup image when parking.

    Hardware Kit for OBDPEAK K1

    For Parking Surveillance Mode, Replacement Cigarette Butt Charger

    Ensures power for the dash cam to continue operating while the car parked.


    Cable length:
    Cable length:
    Charger cable length: about 3 meters;
    Front camera cable: about 40 cm;
    In-car camera cable: about 3 meters;
    Rear camera cable: about 6 meters, if you need 10 meters, please contact the seller.


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