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KUMI KU3 Pro Men Smart Watch Laser Health ECG Monitor Heart Rate Blood Pressure Tracker Waterproof Smartwatch for IOS Andro

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    KU3 Pro Video Display
    *ECG /Laser Therapy /Professional Sports
    *Heart Rate /Blood Pressure /Blood Oxygen Monitor
    *IP67 Life Waterproof


    NOTE:APP/APK download:(1) Scan the mobile phone to download the QR code in the bracelet, download and install the SmartHealth APP
    (2) Search the mobile app store to download and install the SmartHealth APP


    1.Flash :128K+128M
    2.Screen Materia:1.3-inch full HD IPS
    Touch Panel:Full screen touch
    3.Battery:280mAh,Polymer lithium battery
    4.Battery life:7~9days
    5.Battery charging:2hours
    6.Charging method:Magnetic attraction charging
    7.Smartwatch wrist metirial :Monochrome TPU / bicolor,silicone / leather
    8.Motor:Built in, vibratng reminder

    Main functions of the smartwatch

    1.Step counting, mileage, calories,run mode: APP supports data synchronization on the wristband and saves records
    2.Health support:Body temperature, heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, automatic heart rate monitoring
    3.Support Social App:Wechat ,QQ,LINE,Facebook,Twitter,KaoKao Talk,WhatsApp,Skype……
    4.Support:Raise the wrist to brighten the screen, call reminder, SMS reminder, alarm clock reminder, shake to take a photo, phone search


    English, Russian, Portuguese,Polish,German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese

    KUMI KU3 Pro

    Laser Health Smart Watch

    Lower Blood Pressure | Lower Blood Sugar | Lower Blood Fat

    ECG Monitoring | 650nm Laser Physiotherphy | Heart Rate,Blood Pressure,Blood Oxygen Monitoring | Improve Erythrocyte Activity

    Complete Function

    Heart rate monitoring | Blood Pressure Tracker | Blood Oxygen | Sleep Monitoring | Laser Health | Body Temperture | ECG monitoring | Sedentary Reminder | Muti-sport | Set Stopwatch | Multi-dial switching | Alarm reminder | Incoming call | SMS notification | We chat Reminder | IP 67 Waterproof |6 Reasons to buy

    Laser heath physiotherapy | ECG measurement | 1.3 inch HD large screen | smart chip faster and more accurate | Strong battery life for 7 days | Multipl sport modes |

    Laser Physiotherapy

    Lower Blood Fat | Lower Blod Pressure | Lower Blood Sugar |


    Physiotherapy principle and effect


    the 650nm wavelength released by the laser probe effectively activates red blood cells, inproves blood fluidity and viscosity,quickly decomposes and dissolves thrombus and some toxins,and achieves the
    effect of cleaning blood.Effectively relieves hyperviscosity, hyperlipidemia,hypertension and diabetes.


    Improve Blood Flow and Metabolish

    Stimulate the activity of red blood cells and carry oxygen

    High-precision ECG measurement

    ECG monitoring and assessment of heart health are time-consuming and labor intensive in the traditional way,and can be monitored anytime and anywhere through the watch;based on the principle of ECG
    measurement,the heart bioelectric signal is collected,and the ECG data an be viewed in the mobile phone APP to understand the heart health status
    Special note:this product is not a medical device,the data and information provided are for reference only

    Heart rate,Blood Pressure,Blood Oxygen Health Monitoring

    The high-pression blood oxygen function interprets the body state;the optical a sensor is used to monitor the heart rate more accurately;the new blood pressure monitoring method is more convenient.Thermometer on the wrist

    One-key temperaturature measurement is convenient and fast,without complicated operation,and can be measured by turning on the body temperature function on the wrist.
    Three temperature measurement methods
    wrist measurement | Forehead measurement | Armpit measurement

    1.3inch high definition Large Screen

    Use full HD IPS diaplay,enjoy every moment of visual experience,stable and full touch screen,use so freely,it is even more versatile

    1.3inch high definition diaplay | stable and fast full touch screen | 360*360 high-definition resolutionSmart chip faster and more accurate

    Band new main control chip,powerful multi-core and efficient operation,the overall performance of the smart watch is smoother,bring a more enjoyable use experience.

    Strong Battery Life for 7 days

    Energy save and powerful battry,full of 2 hours,up to 7 days of normal useMultiple Sport Modes

    Personal trainning on your wrist
    Walk | Run | Mountaineering | Cycling | Basketball

    Scientific exercise training system,tailor made plan for you,support all round exercise data tracking,such as heart rate,time,distance,steps,calories,etc.,training data at a glance.Scientific sleep monitoring

    Intelligently record sleep and sleep quality,and the data is synchronized to the APP to help understand your sleep more intuitively and develop good sleeping good sleeping habits.Intimate Reminder, Convenient Life

    Incoming call,SMS reminder,real-time viewing of social information such as WeChat,QQ,Facebook,etc.scene intelligent reminder(sedentary reminder),find mobile phone /watch ,set alarm/Stopwatch.IP67 Life Waterproof

    The sealing technology with good waterproof performance,waterproof and sweatproof ,meets the worry-free wear of daily life
    *It can meet the living waterproof requirements such as sweating,rain and hand washing.it does not support sauna,hot water bath,drivingand surfing.

    APP intelligent Operation

    Download the exclusive APP,use the monitoring function of the watch,record various data to generate all day reports,easily operate and analyze the data,and better understand your own heath.

    FAQ(Smart watch):

    1. We will ship within 1-3 working days after confirming your payment.

    2. If you need to change the delivery address information, please notify me of your updated address within 1-2 days after payment; otherwise, we will ship according to your original address, please make sure it is correct.

    3. Sometimes due to bad weather, logistics takes a long time, resulting in extended customs clearance time. So please be patient when you do not receive the goods on time. If you have not received the item within 60 days, please contact us and we will promptly help you track your order package logistics information.

    Q1: How does the watch call the application?

    >There is a QR code on the instruction manual. The mobile phone needs to download the app and turn on the positioning function. Open a connected bluetooth watch in the app

    Q2: Does the watch have call reminder and message reminder functions?

    >After the watch is connected to the mobile app, the watch will display information reminders and call reminders

    Q3: Is the watch waterproof?

    >ip67 waterproof (do not put in hot water)

    Q4: Does the watch support blood oxygen and heart rate detection?


    Q5: It will be shipped in a few days after payment

    >Ship within 3 days

    Q6: Does your watch come with a charging cable?

    >With charging cable

    Q7: How much is the shipping cost for the order package to be delivered to my country?

    > Free Shipping

    Q8: Is there a tracking number for my product after I place an order in your store?

    >Yes, we will send the tracking number of each order along with the order, you can check its delivery status on the corresponding website.

    Q9: Does your store support direct sales? (wholesale)

    >Our shop supports wholesale


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