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Laser Graving Machine Laserpecker Super Fast Portable DIY Tool Lazer Laser Engraver marking machine

From R4424.99
  • Color:

  • Power:

50 in stock

  • Description

    Laser Type for L1, L1 Pro and L2

    L1: 450nm Blue Laser, 0.3mm Laser Spot. 1600mW/OSRAM

    L1 Pro: 405nm Blue-Violet Laser, 0.15mm Laser Spot. 500mW/SHARP(Laser Power=1500mW)

    L2: 450nm Blue Laser, 0.05mm Laser Spot, 5000mW/NICHIA


    L1: Compact. Portable. Cost-Effective. User-Friendly. Multi Angle Engraving

    L1 Pro:Accurate. More Details. Auto-Focus. Build-in Fan. Better User Experience.

    L2: Higher Laser Power & Speed. Engrave & Cut, Handheld-able. Light-Weighted(only 1.8kg). High Resolution, Clear Engraving.

    Engraving Material

    L1: Bamboo. Paper. Leather. Food. Plastic and Other. Non Metal Material.

    L1 Pro: Bamboo. Paper. Leather. Food. Plastics and other. Non Metal Materials.

    L2: Bamboo, wood, paper, leather, cloth, food, bone, ceramics, painted metal, aluminum oxide, 304 stainless steel, painted wood, painted paper, artificial leather, colored plastic, some stone


    1: There are 3 different models. Please make sure what you want before making the order.
    2: L2 can engrave on painted metal and 304 stainless metal. Pure metal can not engrave.
    3: if you want to see more detail informations for L1, L1 Pro and L2, you can click below link.

    For More L1 Details


    For More L1 Pro Details


    For More L2 Details

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