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LAUNCH X431 BST-360 Bluetooth Battery Test Clip Analyzer 6V 12V 2000CCA BST360 Voltage tester for x431 Adnroid / IOS device

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  • Description

    LAUNCH X431 BST360 Battery Test clip Analyzer 6V 12V 2000CCA Voltage Battery Test Car Battery Tester Charging Cricut Load Tools

    LAUNCH BST-360 suitable for technicians and on the go consumers, is safe to use with its anti-heatcharacteristics and preventionagainst backfire electrical sparks that can occur during electrical system diagnosis.

    LAUNCH BST360 Language :

    English , Spanish , German , Italian , Portugese , Russian , Japanese , Chinese

    ( Pls note : the languages decides by the launch x431 device supprots )

    LAUNCH BST-360 Features

    1. Real-time monitor the battery health status include.

    2. Staring and charging system analysis to determine related faultslissues.

    3.Allow the user to download test reports on their smartphones and diagnostic scan tools by Bluetooth wirelesstechnology

    4.Portable and lightweight with compact and practical usability

    LAUNCH BST-360 Supports 6 kinds of test :

    1.Ripple Detection

    2.Battery Test

    3.Electric Current Test

    4. Starter Test

    5.Charging System Test

    6. Voltage Test

    LAUNCH BST-360 Applicable battery types

    6V,12V(Lead-acid battery, GEL battery and AGM battery)

    LAUNCH BST-360 Function :

    1.Battery Health Test

    It mainly analyzes the health status of the car battery, calculates the actual cold start capacity of the battery, and judges the aging degree of the battery, so as to provide a reliable analysis basis for the inspection and maintenance of the car battery.

    2. Smart System Test

    It is mainly to detect and analyze the starter motor of the car, and detect the actual starting current and starting voltage of the starter motor, so that it can be judged whether the starter motor is normal.

    3. Charging Health Test

    Let you know the output voltage of the generator ,the rectifier diode and charging current.Moreover, it analyze the state of the charging system and battery through the above data, provide you with an accuraye charing system test

    4.Test Record

    including Battery Health test , Smart System Test and Charging Health Test report

    Why Choose LAUNCH X431 BST360 12V Battery Tester Features

    1. Support Bluetooth wireless automatic connection

    2. Support X431 series (Support X431 series (X431 V /V+/PRO3/pro3s+/ PAD / PAD II /PAD III /PAD V , ect )and mobile phone multi-terminal device support)and mobile phone multi-terminal device support

    3. Small size, easy to carry

    4. Immediately use, no heat, no sparks, no operational risks

    5. Support common battery standards, such as CCA, DIN, JIS, EN, IEC, AH, SAE, BCI.

    6. Support common battery types, such as ordinary battery (Regular Flooded), AMG start-stop battery (AGM Plate), GEL start-stop battery (GEL), EFP start-stop battery (EFP)

    7. Support report printing, Bluetooth sharing

    8. Support Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages

    9. It has the function of reverse polarity protection, and the reverse connection of the clip will not damage the tester, nor will it have any adverse effects on the car and the battery.

    10. You can directly test the battery that is losing power without having to fully charge it before testing.

    LAUNCH BST-360 works with:

    1. Works with LAUNCH X-431 scanners include x-431 PROGT , X-431 PRO , x-431 V , X-431 PRO5 , X-431 PAD m V2.0, X-431 PAD V, X431 V+ , X431 PRO3S+ , X431 PRO3S+ HDIII model etc .

    2. Works with Android phone / Iphone .

    LAUNCH BST360 parameters

    Connection method: Bluetooth connection

    Test voltage range: 11~16V

    Measuring capacity range: 30AH-80AH

    Working temperature: -10~50℃

    Storage temperature: -20~60℃

    Cable length: about 56cm

    How to Connect BST-360 to work :

    LAUNCH BST-360 Packing List :

    1pc* LAUNCH BST-360

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