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LED BDM FRAME Tester Chip Tunning BDM Frame BDM100 Adapter Probe Master ECU Programming with 22pcs BDM Frame Adapters

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  • Description


    This LED BDM FRAME is best bracket For ECU Update /  ECU Brush And Write / ECM Modified and programming / Probe holder / Dimsport aids. It is much better than the old bdm frame.

    It is best used for FGTECH/BDM100/CMD/DIMSPORT ect… ECU Chip Tuning Tools.

    Easy installation and operation,no hurt the ECU circuit board.


    For Car rush,modify,programming bracket stand.

    Fits for ECU brush&write,ecu modified&programming.

    Probe holder,dimsport assistant.


    Aluminum alloy stand

    Arcylic board,mesh assistant

    No PCB Adapters inside package!!! LED works for 12V. Once you connect with probe,then you disconnect 12V battery for LED,it will works.The probe pin is adjustable.

    Package including:

    1 x Alumiunm BMD Frame New LED

    1 x Mess Arcylic Board(With LED&Connector)

    4 x Probe Pens

    4 x Connection Cable


    Adapter width: ~60mm width for original BDM Probe, not for low quality plastic with 40mm width.

    Adapter thickness: 2mm

    Adapter colour: Green

    Package includes:

    1 14AM00T01M for Bosch

    2 14AM00T02M for Dlphi DCM

    3 14AM00T03M for  Bootloader ST10xx

    4 14P600KT04 for Infineon Tricore EDC/MED17

    5 14AM00T05M for Marelli MPC55xx JTAG

    6 14AM00T06M for Dlphi MPC55xx JTAG

    7 14AM00T07M for Denso CN1 Boot
    8 14AM00T08M for Denso CN2 Boot
    9 14AM00T09M for Denso CN3 Boot
    10 14AM00T10M for Denso CN1 AUD
    11 14AM00T11M for Denso CN2 AUD
    12 14AM00T00M for Dlphi DCI
    13 14AM00TBAS for Base Adapter 1.27
    14 14AM00T14M for NexusEFI T6 Lotus
    15 14AM00TB02 for Magneti Marelli BDM insert
    16 14AM00TB01 for Siemens BDM insert
    17 14AM00TB03 EDC7 BDM insert
    18 14AM00T18M for Magneti Marelli MPC/SPC56xx
    19 14AM00T13M for Nexus MPC5xx TRW ECU
    20 VAG 1.6tdi – for Siemens-Continental PCR2.1
    21 14AM00T15M for Toyota NEC76F-20
    22 14AM00T16M for Toyota NEC76F-26

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