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LENOVO Pen Precision 2 Smart Screen Touch Stylus For Tab P11 Pad 11 Plus Xiaoxin Pad Pro Tablet Active Drawing Pencil Original

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    Dear friends, please note. Xiaoxin Stylus 2 for Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.6 inch TB-Q706F & Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2022 11.2 inch TB138FC/TB132FU !

    *The stylus is an original Lenovo product.

    *Using a non-original stylus may cause damage to the product screen.

    *It is recommended to use the original stylus.

    *Battery Type & Charging Type is suitable for Lenovo Pad P11,2022 p11 pad, 2020 pad pro,2021 Pad Pro,Pad plus。

    *Xiaoxin Stylus 2 Applicable models:Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.6 inch TB-Q706F & Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2022 11.2 inch TB138FC/TB132FU

    *The product requires the tip of the pen to be close to the screen and can be used normally. There is no need to pair with the plate.

    *It is recommended to use the data cable to connect the product to the 5v charger for about 8 hours (the white light indicates a full charge), or use it after installing the battery. If you have any questions, you can always contact customer service.

    Detailed parameters

    Multi-level pressure sensitivity, smooth writing

    4096-level pressure sensitivity, more tilt detection,

    Bring an authentic writing experience when sketching or taking notes

    Up key, click to return to the home page, switch the default palette colors

    Down key, click to enter the smart navigation artboard, switch page function options (switch between pen and eraser)

    *The function shown is the default function of Bamboo Paper*

    The global key function can be changed in “Settings – General Settings – Stylus” The key function can only be used when the floating pointer appears

    The pen tip needs to touch the screen to write and use normally.tookfun

    Long battery life and worry-free experience

    Up to 200 hours of use*

    Write or draw all day on supported apps like Squid and Bamboo Paper

    Universal interface high-speed fast charging

    Using a universal USB-C charging interface,

    20 minutes of quick charge for about 8 hours of use*

    Can be glued to the keyboard stand

    Carry it alone with a detachable key chain.Portable pen case for storage

    Portable pen sleeve design that can either be glued to the keyboard stand or carried separately with a detachable keychain.*The portable pen case is divided into two parts, detachable

    The following are the details of the battery model stylus

    The Lenovo Business Tablet Smart Stylus Pen is an independent stylus accessory that allows users to write notes, draw signatures, and more on the Lenovo tablet screen.

    The smart stylus is made of smooth anodized aluminum with a grey finish

    It has 2 function buttons and is powered by AAAA batteries.

    *Due to shipping restrictions, batteries are not included in the package

    The side of the stylus is equipped with multi-function buttons, which is convenient for switching operations.

    Humanized design is convenient for improving office efficiency.

    Up key: Return to Home

    Down button: Tap once when the pen tip touches the screen to achieve eraser, color switching, partial screenshots, smart documents, screen cropping

    Frosted process, lightweight body is easier to use

    The lightweight body is easy to grasp, touch without leaving fingerprints, smart and intelligent, no need to adapt when you touch it,Simple and easy to use

    Super long battery life, quick battery replacement is easier

    No need to charge frequently, 4A battery is suitable for smart pen, it can be used immediately.

    Mode of use: Can be used for 1,4 months*

    Standby mode: can be used continuously for 3 months

    Product Specifications

    Pen Protocol: WGP, AES 2.0, MPP

    Pressure Sensitivity: Level 4096

    Structure: 2 function buttons

    Please note: The stylus does not include a charger and cable, please use the original charger and cable of the Lenovo Xiaoxin tablet to charge.

    The rechargeable and battery pens package does not contain a spare nib, and a spare tip is included in the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pen2.

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    Return Policy:

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    We guarantee satisfactory service for honest and reasonable buyers.

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