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Mini Voice Recorder Portable Necklace Pendant Sound Recorder 20 Hours Long Lasting Working Time Gadgets Recording Pen Mp3 Player

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    About size of product. Please allow an error of 1-2 centimeters. thank you.

    Note:The lifting rope shown on the product image is for reference only. Please refer to your selection for the product list.

    Note: There are several different necklaces here. Before purchasing, please choose the necklace that interests you according to your preferences. Thank you

    About M6:

    • M6 has a distinctive star appearance, designed by well-known jewelry designers, it can be called a combination of technology and aesthetics.

    • In order to meet the needs of different usage scenarios, the team designed a lanyard hole and presented a jade lanyard. You can hang it around your neck, or hang it on the keychain.

    • The M6 not only has a novel appearance, but also adopts the industry’s top configuration. It has a built-in high-sensitivity microphone. As long as the human ear can hear the voice, it can record.

    • And built-in 8-core intelligent noise reduction chip, effectively filter clutter, and output pure sound.

    • The M6 is very convenient to use. When the battery is low, the voice recorder will automatically save the file and then turn off the power.

    It is a pendant recorder.

    1, Recording quality excellent, up to 192 KBPS / 48 KHZ (8G capacity to support 90 hours of working time);
    2, Time change function,With time as the file name, convenient recording data compilation;
    3, The default normal recording, can adjust to the Voice Activated mode;
    4, Small portable appearance, exquisite shape, can be hung on the chest to make decorations;
    5, No sound and no light when recording;
    6, Long time recording funtion, low sensitivity recording, ultra-long recording function;
    7, can play the recording files and music;play the recording files and play MP3 files is different operation,
    8, support volume high and low;
    9, Delete a file or delete all files recording function;
    10, Fast forward and fast backward function;
    11, capacity is full ,automatic save the recording file;
    12, when low power ,automatically save the recording file;
    13, Power can support more than 15 hours recording work time;
    14, support 8G/16G/32G.It is 8G memory.

    Product name: pendant recorder

    Model: M6

    Recording format: WAV

    Speed: 192 KBPS

    Battery capacity: 100MAH

    Recording time: 20 hours

    Packing list:
    USB cable X1
    Conversion cable X1
    Headset X1
    Instruction manual X1
    The diamond version is dazzling
    Not only a voice recorder but also a work of art

    Easy to use

    Voice actived
    Automatic recording with sound,automatic pause recording without sound,effectively avoiding the waste of storage space,improving efficiency and saving memory and power.

    HD noise reduction
    Built-in professional-garde powerful noise reduction chip,bringing you higher fldelity and clearer recording sound quality and playback.

    Listen to the sound of the scene
    Intelligent noise reduction,the voice is clearer

    Advanced built-in high-definition large-diameter condenser microphone,with high sensitivity,can be recorded when you hear it.

    Start recording when power on
    Save recording when power off

    No sound,no lighr,no vibration
    There will be no sound,light or vibration throughout the recording process,and work quietly.

    Save automatically when power off

    When the system detects that the battery is low,it saves the fileautomatically,and then automatically shuts down to ensure data loss.

    Smart password protection
    Only your own voice recorder,supprot power-on design password intimate protection of audio data,privacy is not leaked.

    If you need to listen to the recording,you can choose the following two ways:

    When we disigned the appearance of this recorder,we mainly considered the following factors:

    Lightweight and convenient to carry

    Recording when hung on the bag,compact and does not take up space.

    Child’s safety guard
    Take it with you, no sound and no light,and keep you and your family safe.

    Product information

    Product parameters

    Packing accessories

    Note: There are several different necklaces here. Before purchasing, please choose the necklace that interests you according to your preferences. Thank you

    I am glad to introduce you to this tape recorder

    In addition to retaining the functions of a high-quality tape recorder, M6 invited well-known jewelry designers to design the M6 shell. The hexagonal shape perfectly interprets the combination of technology and art. And for wearing comfort, we use top-quality materials, the weight of M6 is only 11 grams, and the flat shape is more suitable for wearing.

    As a recorder, it is not enough to have a beautiful appearance. The recording quality is the core function of the recorder. M6 uses an 8-core intelligent noise reduction chip to reduce noise through the principle of filtering and cancellation, allowing users to hear clearer sounds. And the built-in large-diameter microphone, the sensitivity reaches the human ear level, as long as the human ear can hear the sound, the M6 can record, giving users a better experience.

    In addition, the M6 is very convenient to use. Compared with the cumbersome operation of a traditional recorder, the user only needs to turn on the recorder, and the recorder can record the sound, and close the recorder to save the file. And the chip has a built-in intelligent power management system. When the power is insufficient, the recorder will save the file first, and then turn off the power to avoid the loss of important user data.

    Of course, as a brand that has been operating in the recorder industry for many years, in addition to giving away earphones and data cables, we also provide you with a jade lanyard, so you don’t need to buy it. The inner packing box and outer packing box are made of the best quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about product damage during transportation.

    Finally, we summarize the characteristics of this product:

    1. Designed by jewelry designer, beautiful appearance.

    2. HD recording, intelligent noise reduction.

    3. Simple operation and easy to carry.

    4. Beautiful packaging and complete accessories.

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